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Read the About details: Mehran Post is is an Online NEWS Service provides latest information and press releases on Defence, Autos, Telecommunication, Science and Technology, Coomputers, Internet, Entertainment etc. etc. Mehran Post is also an E-Marketing and SEO Company offers services in Internet Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Content Writing and Social Media Marketing.

Mehran Post aim to introduce remarkable Pakistanis in their respective field and target to introduce the positive face of Pakistan which is a real fact.

We are very impressive from our honorable Pakistan Army, therefore we are here to introduce the hard work of our Pakistan Army to the people of this world and to support our brave Army in Fifth Generation Warfare 5GW.

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Mehran Post was established on September 2017. With over a several years experience in E-Marketing and SEO services. We are an innovative company that utilizes modern technology to enable us to work with the best team of professionals, while sticking to traditional methods and principles of taking time and hard work to build our clients profiles.

Mehran Post Ideology

In the course of time, as it has encountered with the acute situation of Pakistan and gathered first-hand knowledge on issues, Mehran Post has fashioned its ideology and objectives as follows:

  • Mehran Post deems it its foremost responsibility to safeguard and enhance the ideological basis upon which this country was founded. We recognize the ploy set by the mainstream media and other political elements to hijack the air of patriotism from the masses and vow to give this sacred feeling back to their beholders.
  • At Mehran Post we are alert of the fact that the masses are deliberately being fed with a negative image of the Armed Forces, thereby inducing hatred for an institution that has to be depended upon for their security and existence. We were of the view that the Armed Forces were on the right direction and supported their actions when it comes down to hunt terrorists who work against the foundations of the country.
  • We strongly believe that if we want to show our youth the brighter, real side of Pakistan, and if we want our youth to regain its belief in the true national identity and be able to stand proudly behind the prime institutions of the country including the Armed Forces we will have to go through the laborious crusade of manifesting the truth and falsifying the false every day. To make Pakistan a livable and prideful place, we will have to turn them towards the path of productivity, a path towards which our educational institutions have failed to direct them and a path barred by our media and induced intellects. The Youth can easily be a prey for the takfeeris, who mean to destabilize the nation at all levels, they systematically plan to stir the emotions of the youth into desired outcomes, it is our aim to show the other side of the story and bond the emotions with sensibility.
  • We recognize that through mainstream and alternative media, masses are effected by the dominance of the Liberal/Secular lobby that has dominated the information center-stage and that the masses are entangled in confusion and disbelief given the warfare of international and local propaganda; we have worked to clear those doubts by producing reports, analysis, shows and youth activism programs in different institutes of Pakistan.
  • We were observing that while our Armed Forces were engaged at different levels, media was dancing on the tunes of foreign agenda, creating confusion and ambiguities to spread chaos, depression and hopelessness in the masses and especially in the youth. We needed to present them the positive side of Pakistan; the Pak Army needed to be portrayed as our savior not our inflictor, in the domain of information and knowledge for the masses and particularly for the youth.
  • Mehran Post is trying to expose all efforts of sponsored terrorism in Pakistan which is trying to destabilize Pakistan and whose proponents are trying to catch our youth and intellects with their emotional literature.

Mission of Mehran Post

To present brighter face of Pakistan and expose the extraordinary work of talented Pakistanis, but some other mission are also as follows:

  • To emerge as one of the strong and reputable voice in the alternate media and stringently propagate the ideology of Pakistan.
  • To defend and support Pakistan’s geo-strategic and regional interests on every forum and every possible front.
  • To strive to expose elements that are working against the interests of Pakistan and are involved in any sort of anti-Pakistan activities that could harm the state and nation of Pakistan in any way, with complete disregard to the religious or ethnic or political affiliations of these elements.
  • To strive in an effort to influence the policies of the Armed Forces of Pakistan with the goal of bringing them furthermore along the same lines as that of the patriots of Pakistan and therefore extend full moral, ethical and political support to the Armed Forces and Intelligence Services of Pakistan including operations carried out by these institutions which, as mentioned above, are in line with the true ideology of Pakistan and as per the opinions and wishes of its citizens.
  • To take part in honest, unbiased reporting, opinion building, knowledge enhancement with intellectual development, spiritual growth and self-realization of the people of Pakistan in general and the youth of Pakistan in particular.

Mehran Post Objectives as an E-Marketing and SEO Company

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