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Airblue Adds Five New 321 Air Buses to its Fleet Leading it in Aviation Industry of Pakistan

Airblue Adds Five New 321 Air Buses

Airblue Adds Five New 321 Air Buses Update: In Pakistan, the biggest dilemma in the aviation sector is that airlines are operating with outdated technologies and aircrafts, which has resulted in a number of unfortunate but avoidable incidents.

Ever since its launch in 2004, Airblue has striven to improve its standards of aviation by ensuring quality and punctuality across the board. It claims to be Pakistan’s second largest and fastest growing airline.

In the past five years alone, Airblue has operated over 56,000 flights and carried close to 3 million passengers on domestic and 6 million passengers on international sectors. The number of flights and passengers continue to increase with each passing year.

airblue operates a fleet of A321 family aircrafts and to further diversify its flying operations, the Airblue Adds Five New 321 Air Buses. Not only Airblue Adds Five New 321 Air Buses to its fleet but it is also ensuring that it possesses the youngest aircraft fleet with an average age of around three years.

Airblue Adds Five New 321 Air Buses


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The airline operates scheduled flights linking six domestic destinations Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Rahim Yar Khan, Sialkot and Multan with international airports like Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi in UAE, as well as Muscat, Oman, Jeddah, Riyadh and most recently Dammam.

What Makes airblue Different

The management of Airblue has emphasized on bringing novelty without compromising security and affordability.

The organization is Pakistan’s first airline to introduce eTicket, eCargo and check-in counter services. Here is some information regarding Airblue’s services and more:


airblue is the first airline to have introduced eTicketing service in Pakistan. According to company officials, the response has been overwhelming. Passengers can book and confirm their tickets without leaving their home or workspace. Passengers can pay with their debit cards, which generates an eTicket that can then be verified at airline’s check-in counters.

eCargo Service

Just like the eTicketing service, Airblue also brought the eCargo service for the first time in Pakistan. It offers more than 70,000 kgs of cargo space on more than 18 flights everyday. Airblue’s Certified eCargo Agents book cargo directly on-line, saving time and cutting costs.

Airblue is proud to help businesses to ship goods faster and more reliably than ever before. Pickup and drop-off centers are conveniently located near city airports.

Blue Miles (Frequent Flyer Program)

Airblue has a loyalty program for their customers called BlueMiles. Through this frequent flyer membership the airline rewards their customers with discounts and special offers. As a member, the more you travel, the more miles you earn which are then added to your account. Once you have reached 6,000 Miles, you may redeem upgrades, discounts or special offers.

Passenger sign up is free on the Airblue Website. Once a passenger earns enough miles, they are upgraded to the Blue Card followed by the Platinum Card.

Youngest Aircraft Fleet

As previously mentioned, Airblue ensures that the company remains up to date in terms of their fleet. The average age of the company’s fleet is three years, which is remarkable once you draw a comparison with other airlines.

Airblue Adds Five New 321 Air Buses


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Award Winning Services

Airblue won the ‘Best Pakistani Airline’ award for providing quality services to its passengers in the year 2012. The award was given by Consumers Association of Pakistan in annual consumers choice awards held in the same year.

Airblue Adds Five New 321 Air Buses


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There is little to argue as to why Airblue is pulling ahead of its rivals. Perhaps Managing Director of Airblue put it best, “People need to travel, our job is to ensure quality and make it affordable.”

Mehran Post is proud to publish of great achivement of Airblue in which Airblue Adds Five New 321 Air Buses in its fleet.




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