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Al Haj FAW XPV Ambulance Locally Manufactured for Pakistani Hospitals

Al Haj FAW XPV Ambulance

Al Haj FAW XPV Ambulance Update: Faw motors are one of the most rapidly growing automobile company in Pakistan and around the world. It is actually the top automotive supplier of the Chinese brand, Faw with ample variety of vehicles for example, large and heavy vehicles like trucks and lorries and light, and small vehicles like the normal four Wheeler family cars. Al Haj Faw was incorporated as a private limited company in November 2006.

In a surprising turn of events, Al-Haj FAW has announced the availability of a locally manufactured Al Haj FAW XPV Ambulance based on company’s successful model X-PV.

Named X-PV Ambulance, theAl Haj FAW XPV Ambulance is being offered with a price tag of Rs, 1,189,000/- Plus transportation and carries the capacity to house paramedical staff and patient. The vehicle has been equipped with all the emergency equipment required in case of an immediate response.

Sources report that Al-Haj FAW has accomplished this Al Haj FAW XPV Ambulance by utilizing its local fabricators.

FAW Pakistan introduced the FAW XPV minivan in April of 2012 as CBU and started assembling it after sales got traction in September of 2012.

The X-PV is a 1.0-liter 7-seater minivan by FAW, which was launched in the competition of Suzuki Bolan – the undisputed market leader in the minivan segment of Pakistani market.

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The mini van or MPV segment of the Pakistani auto industry is a very important segment due to two-main reasons:

  • First, the people of Pakistan value family system and usually live in big/joint families and more often than not service of a bigger vehicle is warranted.
  • Second, the commercial areas in Pakistan are congested and bigger trucks/vans always get a problem of mobility and maneuverability.

The introduction of X-PV in Pakistan helped to bring a much-needed option in the locally manufactured MPV market. Considering the improving economic conditions, vehicle penetration and infrastructure projects of Pakistan, the demand for MPV’s and the demand of commercial vehicles is bound to go up in the next couple of years.

Faw XPV is a spacious ambulatory compartment for the comfort of the patients. It has a more improved and strengthened body with a 1000cc engine of Euro 4 emission standard. Before launch, it was said to be cost effective, fuel effective and environment-friendly and to the amusement of the users, it is designed to perfection in all of these.

The main thing which differs this Al Haj FAW XPV Ambulance from other ambulances in Pakistan is its antibacterial and nonskid flooring as well as fireproof and safe electrical wiring.

Moreover, it has an 80W multi-tone siren with all the inside and outside lights of the vehicle being LED. FAW has actually groped ample technology in one vehicle, making it a huge success all over Pakistan.

Aims of FAW

Like all the businesses except the NPO’s (Non-Profit Organization), Al Haj Faw aims to earn profits. They’ve always tried and to the customers, the race has managed to provide the best of the automobiles. They strongly believe in the statement ‘Customer first’.

In recent years Al Haj Faw has built up Customer loyalty and experienced tremendous growth. The CEO of the company believes on becoming the leading automobile company in Pakistan with zero compromises on quality.

One of their cherished goals is to satisfy the customer with quality and comfort as well as provide upgraded products at reasonable prices. For staying in the heavy competition of the automobiles range, Al Haj Faw has to be up to the mark in every aspect. One wrong move and you lose your position.

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