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Atom Bomb Nuclear Attack Safety Guidelines for You and for Your Lovers

Atom Bomb Nuclear Attack Safety Guidelines
Atom Bomb Nuclear Attack Safety Guidelines

Atom Bomb Nuclear Attack Safety Guidelines Update:

The most dangerous unnatural disaster which the today’s humans are facing is nuclear attack in any country. You can save your life if your city hit by a nuclear bomb, but how? This post identify those countries which have a threat of nuclear war, and this post also provide you the safety guide lines in case of nuclear attack. Atom Bomb Nuclear Attack Safety Guidelines.

This time there are approximately fifteen thousand nuclear weapons in this world, and the countries which have directly threats of nuclear ware are: South Korea, North Korea, Pakistan, India, Israel, Iran, Russia and United States of America. Atom Bomb Nuclear Attack Safety Guidelines. 

Capital City, Important Cantonment Areas, Important cites and dense populated areas are the primary targets. Following are the safety guidelines in case of nuclear attack. Follow these guidelines for your safety and share it with your love ones. Atom Bomb Nuclear Attack Safety Guidelines.

Be Focus on Current Affairs

Nuclear Attack is a last option in war. Be informed and connect yourself with your country and international current affairs via news channels and news papers and make an advance safety guidelines in case of any nuclear war. Atom Bomb Nuclear Attack Safety Guidelines.

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Nuclear Fallout Shelter

In a nuclear attack your only survival option is strong and safe nuclear fallout shelter. The best fallout shelters are those which are below 10 Ft. from the ground, in the form of crypt. You can build the fallout shelter on ground but it cannot save you from nuclear radiations completely.

If you are building fallout shelter on ground then build it with building rocks, and if you are using common blocks or concrete than use minimum five layers of it. Atom Bomb Nuclear Attack Safety Guidelines.

Important Goods for Fallout Shelter

You have to store usable goods in your fallout shelter at all times for minimum three weeks. The details of usable goods for your fallout shelter are as follows:

  • Tin pack food without meat. You can use vegetables, fruits etc. etc. to prevent yourself from food poisoning problems.
  • Distilled or mineral water.
  • Water tank for washroom or for taking bath.
  • One radio communication equipment for communication  because your cell phone will become out of order after first nuclear radiation. Therefore don’t rely on your cell phone.
  • 3 to 4 additional clothings.
  • Books for reading which helps you in relaxing from underground boring environment.
  • First Aid Box.
  • Medicines for fever, head ache, loose motion and sleeping pills etc. etc.
  • Batteries or alternate of electricity for example torch etc.

Eat potassium iodide pills on the first day of nuclear blast. Potassium septic anti septic spray. The first rule after surviving from nuclear attack is the presence of your mind.

Don’t panic and control your nerves. You will heard a powerful blast within a second and promptly you will see a very very high mushroom type smoke cloud. This a sign of nuclear attacks.

Struggle for Survival 

There are three stages of nuclear attack disaster.

  1. Extreme Blast,
  2. Nuclear Fallout,
  3. Radiation Strom

If the atomic war head dropped within the radius of one and a half or two miles from your location, then recite Kalma-e-Taiyba quickly and if you are sitting than stand up because in next three seconds your body will be evaporated. You will safe if your location is two miles away from nuclear attack location. When you heard first explosion of nuclear attack you have maximum 5 seconds. Run opposite direction from nuclear attack location and reach any solid thing, wall or deep place and lie down on your stomach. Put your hands on your head in such a way that you cover your ears, and cross your legs. In the mean time you will heard another blast which will be 100 times powerful from first one. It will create tremor or earthquake. Congratulations you survive from initial blasts. Run after 3 seconds of second nuclear blast towards your shelter.

Nuclear Fallout

Dozens of buildings which fly after first nuclear blast, it will fall on the ground just like rain falls and simultaneously rain of alpha particles fill with radiations will start. Don’t look towards nuclear blast. Save yourself from the building materials and alpha particles rain during nuclear fallout. If you reach at your shelter than thumbs up for you because you secure yourself from nuclear fallout. After entering at your fallout shelter put off your clothes without delaying because your clothes sucks alpha particles in big quantity. If you are injured than take first aid but if you safe from injuries than take bath so you can save yourself from remaining effects of nuclear fallout.

Now outside your nuclear fallout shelter there will be a radiation storm every where and you have to live several days inside your fallout shelter. Don’t eat too much inside your shelter. Try to spend your time in sleeping, listen radio and be informed from outside world. Be patient and control on your nerves and don’t be panic, because after few days you will be fell in radio active sickness and you will face high fever, suffocation and vomiting. Use medicines which you stocked in your shelter.

After 5 to 6 days rescue teams and army battalions will reach to your area, listen radio time to time and when you have confirmation that rescue work starts in your location than comes out from your shelter and contact to the nearest rescue camp, so you can quit from nuclear radiation area. If rescue team don’t reach in your area, than you have to come out from your shelter after twenty days, because nuclear radiation storm will be stopped.

Journey Towards Life

After coming out from your nuclear fallout shelter you will feel that you are the only one in millions who survive in this blast. Now leave your area as soon as possible. 

May Allah save us all from nuclear disaster, Aameen.

Source: Advance Pakistan

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