Home Autos Careem Pepsi Retro Ride 2018 Offering an Extremely Memorable Experience

Careem Pepsi Retro Ride 2018 Offering an Extremely Memorable Experience

Careem Pepsi Retro Ride 2018
Careem Pepsi Retro Ride 2018

Careem Pepsi Retro Ride 2018 Update:

We all have been noticing that Pepsi has taken an old-timey ride these days with those retro feels and of course we all are loving it! And to the sentimentality, Careem and Pepsi join together to give us a ride full of fun and nostalgia! Careem Pepsi Retro Ride 2018.

In a dynamic partnership, the powerhouses have gone old school to launch an amazing array of retro rides, providing its fans with the ultimate experience of the 60’s. Careem Pepsi Retro Ride 2018.

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Started from April 3rd 2018, Careem users will be able to book some super-cool cars under the ‘Pepsi Retro Ride’ tab. This will allow you to hail a funky vintage vehicle to pick you up from your destination and drive around town with your sass mode on. Careem Pepsi Retro Ride 2018.

This new feature also supports the ride-later option, giving you plenty of time to plan your journey before you hit the road and your groovy ride picks you up. Careem Pepsi Retro Ride 2018.

A few weeks back, Pepsi won the internet with it latest ‘Pepsi Generations’ campaign, leaving its fans nostalgic with the journey through the ages.

The throwback to our favorite Pepsi stars and cans, past and present reminded us why we love the beverage all the more.

At the same time, Careem has always gone the extra mile to keep its customers hooked to the service, by announcing exciting offers and promotions. Taking its routine rides to next level, the retro-themed cars will provide Careem-ers a ride of a lifetime.

That being said, you better not miss the chance to avail the Pepsi Retro Ride service while it is available because you might never have your favorite vintage car at your disposal like this, ever again.

Careem is an app-based car service that connects people to rides in a matter of minutes, at the tap of a button. It provides reliable, safe, convenient and affordable transport. Careem’s mission is to simplify people’s lives through reliable, convenient, and affordable urban transport.

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Image Sources: DAWN, Pepsi Facebook Official Page



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