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Cold Start AF-Pak Fifth Generation War Doctrine Pakistan Facing Simultaneously

Cold Start AF-Pak Fifth Generation War Doctrine
Cold Start AF-Pak Fifth Generation War Doctrine

Cold Start AF-Pak Fifth Generation War Doctrine Update:

Cold Start AF-Pak Fifth Generation War Doctrine. Pakistan is that country which possess approximately 3,600 kilometers war active borders and unfortunately Pakistan is the biggest country of this world who is facing three dangerous war doctrines at a time and very few people knows about these war doctrines. Today we give the details of these three war doctrines. These war doctrines are:

  • Cold Start Doctrine
  • AF-Pak Doctrine
  • 4th/5th Generation Doctrine.

Now we discuss these above war doctrines in detail.

Cold Start War Doctrine

Cold Start War Doctrine is based on Indian war strategy. For this purpose India had deployed 6 commands of Indian Army out of total 7 commands which is more than 80% of Indian Army. For this purpose of this doctrine, Indian Army doing exercises, they are building, roads, bridges, railway lines for the moment of Indian Army. They are also building big weapon depot for Cold Start Doctrine rapidly. Cold Start AF-Pak Fifth Generation War Doctrine.

The plan of India in this doctrine is to enter Pakistan rapidly from Sindh Province, (where India have a plus point of geographical depth) and move forward towards Gawadar (Balochistan) by cutting Sindh province from Pakistan, for this purpose India will take help locally from nationalist parties in Sindh and Balochistan. The real and big threat for Pakistan is from Cold Start Doctrine, and Pakistan Army is preparing its strategy by monitoring the moment of Indian Army following Cold Start Doctrine. Cold Start AF-Pak Fifth Generation War Doctrine.

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You might heard about Pakistan Army Azm-e-Nau exercises which Pakistan conducts after few years on compulsory basis. This is an answer which is prepared by Pakistan for Indian Cold Start Doctrine against Indian aggression because the balance of Power is going against Pakistan. 2.5 lacs Pakistan Army will be available against 10 lacs minimum Indian Army and 2 lacs of Pakistan Army are facing AF-Pak war Doctrine and rest of Pakistani Army is deployed in Eastern borders. Cold Start AF-Pak Fifth Generation War Doctrine. 

AF-Pak War Doctrine

AF-Pak war doctrine is an anti Pakistan war strategy of Obama administration and now Donald Trump is continuing AF-Pak war doctrine against Pakistan. The strategy of AF-Pak war doctrine is to take Afghan war gradually inside Pakistan and to start gorilla war against Pakistan Army inside Pakistan. In reality AF-Pak is that war doctrine which engaged minimum 2 lacs Pakistani troops in the tribal area of Pakistan in the form of war and due to this doctrine Pakistan lost approximately 20,000 lives of Pakistani soldiers which is a high martyred rate comparing it from three wars which were fought between Pakistan and India. Cold Start AF-Pak Fifth Generation War Doctrine.

For AF-Pak war doctrine US and India have an operational collaboration and Israel is giving technical help to both these countries. In the light of AF-Pak war doctrine, we saw a sectarian violence between Shia and Sunni in Kurram Agency and Hangu city of Pakistan. This war doctrine penetrated religious groups in the name of Nifaaz-e-Shariah inside sawat valley of Pakistan. These groups made injustice and cruelness on the people of sawat valley. Therefore Pakistan Army entered in these areas to help people from the cruelness of AF-Pak war doctrine.

Pakistan Army have practically kicked off these groups with the help of different military operations like Rah-e-Haq, Rah-e-Rast, Rah-e-Nijat, Zarb-e-Azb, Operation Khyber 1, 2, 3 & 4 and ongoing military operation Radd-ul-Fasaad started by Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa. But on ideology basis Pakistan army need full support form different parts of our society, which they are not getting and for this reason nation is not fully supporting our Pakistan Army as we saw in 1965 war. The reason of not getting full support from Pakistani nation to Pakistan Army is a third war doctrine called Fourth/Fifth Generation war doctrine.

Fourth/Fifth Generation War Doctrine

Fourth or Fifth Generation war doctrine is a very dangerous war strategy. Due to this war doctrine enemy creates distances between the army and a nation of any country with different styles. In this war strategy enemy weakens central government of a country by disturbing economical condition, producing provincialism and ethnicity. In the light of Fourth/Fifth Generation war doctrine enemy finance and ignite ethnic and sectarian violence inside any country, and produce disappointment and panic in a nation. In Fourth/Fifth Generation war doctrine enemy also finance the print and electronic media of a country and via that media enemy creates anarchy and uncertainty in the country.

With the help of Fourth/Fifth Generation war doctrine United States destroyed, Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya, now this war doctrine is practically implemented on Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan and unfortunately United States got success, specially Syria has completed destroyed.

In Fourth/Fifth Generation war doctrine United States, India and Israel are coalition partners against Pakistan. US former president Obama admitted that his administration will invest 50 million Dollars per year on Pakistani media and today nobody raise the question that which purpose this media investment came from United States? On the other hand we also see the Indian influence in Pakistani electronic media. Whole Pakistani nation is targeted by Fourth/Fifth Generation war doctrine. This is the only war which can not be answered by any army. Army have no capability to deal with this war doctrine. Due to this war doctrine Pakistan Army don’t get any help from previous judiciary, civil government and media, therefore yet after giving up precious life of our Pakistan Army jawans, Pak Army can not repel this war or completely this war.

Now our honorable chief justice of Pakistani Supreme Court Mr. Mian Saqib Nisar took serious actions on public related issues and National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is working against Economic Terrorists which is an enemy’s important weapon in Fourth/Fifth Generation war doctrine. Pakistan Army can only win this war doctrine if all the Pakistani Nation will give the answer of Fourth/Fifth Generation war doctrine with unity. Fourth/Fifth Generation war doctrine is basically a disinformation war and religious scholars, intellectuals and patriotic people related to electronic/print media can give the powerful answer of this disinformation war. But unfortunately yet no hope left from these people who can answer this war doctrine.

Now as a nation it is our responsibility to play active role in this war and help Pakistan Army in winning this dangerous Fourth/Fifth Generation War Doctrine. For this purpose you have to support your Pakistan Army, Ideology of Pakistan and Islam via your social media accounts. The answer of this war doctrine is simple. As a nation we must reject all those things which are attacking on Islam, Pakistan and Pakistan Army.

Indian Cold Start War Doctrine is depending on the success of AF-Pak and Fourth/Fifth Generation war doctrine.

Mehran Post Supports our Pakistan Army against this Fourth/Fifth Generation War Doctrine.

Source: Advance Pakistan

Image Sources: YouTube, BrassTacks, YouTube 

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