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Compound Hybrid Threat Warfare Gray Zone Conflict Facing Pakistan

Compound Hybrid Threat Warfare Gray Zone Conflict
Compound Hybrid Threat Warfare Gray Zone Conflict

Compound Hybrid Threat Warfare Gray Zone Conflict Update:

Since Narendra Modi took charge as prime minister of India, he has engaged Pakistan into a new kind of warfare commonly known as hybrid warfare. It is a strategy that is totally different from the previous strategies that India had planned against Pakistan.

India’s new hybrid doctrine is not limited to the conflict zone population but expended to a combination of conventional and non-conventional strategies which can help India to isolate Pakistan on diplomatic and economic fronts. Before moving to discuss how India is involved in the hybrid warfare against. Compound Hybrid Threat Warfare Gray Zone Conflict.

The hybrid warfare, which is also known as the fourth generation warfare, is being fought on many different fronts. It is more centralized, fluid and asymmetrical in nature. Compound Hybrid Threat Warfare Gray Zone Conflict.

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It is not only fought on the conventional battleground, but on asymmetric battlegrounds within the conflict zone population, civilian population, and international community population. Compound Hybrid Threat Warfare Gray Zone Conflict.

One can argue that hybrid warfare is a combination of some supreme tactics that states usually design to target enemy’s opportunity for growth on multi-fronts without waging a real war. Compound Hybrid Threat Warfare Gray Zone Conflict.

Though there is no universally acknowledged definition of hybrid warfare, however, most of the international relations experts term it a combination of regular, irregular and special military forces, local population, propaganda, diplomacy, cyber attack, and economic warfare. Now come to the Hybrid Threat which is also necessary for you to understand.

The term ‘hybrid threat’ is a metaphor that brings complexities and dilemmas related to a changing global environment to the fore. It is often used interchangeably with references to hybrid war, to capture the interconnected nature of challenges (i.e. ethnic conflict, terrorism, migration, and weak institutions), multiplicity of actors involved (i.e. regular and irregular forces, criminal groups) and diversity of conventional and unconventional means used (i.e. military, diplomatic, technological). Taking into account different levels of intensity of a threat and intentionality of actors involved, it is possible to distinguish between hybrid threat, hybrid conflict and hybrid war:

  • Hybrid Threat is a phenomenon resulting from convergence and interconnection of different elements, which together form a more complex and multidimensional threat. Hybrid conflict and hybrid war are two specific categories whereby some hybrid tactics are used by a state to achieve its strategic ends.
  • Hybrid Conflict is a situation in which parties refrain from the overt use of armed forces against each other, relying instead on a combination of military intimidation (falling short of an attack), exploitation of economic and political vulnerabilities, and diplomatic or technological means to pursue their objectives.
  • Hybrid War is a situation in which a country resorts to overt use of armed forces against another country or a non-state actor, in addition to a mix of other means (i.e. economic, political, and diplomatic).

For this reason Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) General Zubair Mahmood Hayat has emphasized for unity, discipline, and comprehensive system of justice to defeat hostile agendas of the enemies.

Addressing international conference titled “Compound, Hybrid and Gray Zone Threats to Pakistan” in Islamabad on Friday the 8th June 2018, he said Pakistan’s adversaries are using all kinds of tactics to isolate Pakistan internationally.

General Zubair Mahmood Hayat said the elements inimical to peace are targeting Pakistan’s armed forces and general public for the sake of achieving their sordid designs.

Now what is “Gray Zone Threats” words used by Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff?

Gray zone threats are not formal wars, and little resemble traditional, “conventional” conflicts between states. If the spectrum of conflict is conceived as a line running from peaceful interstate competition on the far left to nuclear Armageddon on the far right, gray zone conflicts fall left of center. They involve some aggression or use of force, but in many ways their defining characteristic is ambiguity — about the ultimate objectives, the participants, whether international treaties and norms have been violated, and the role that military forces should play in response.

Talking about Hybrid War in National Defence University on Thursday the 14th June 2018, COAS said that it’s the National will which is targeted in such war. For effective counter and response to hybrid war there is a need that national issues having impact on our national security like economy, education, water security and national integration etc must take precedence through relevant national institutions, COAS concluded.

We are in a state of an unannounced war, our security forces; our law and enforcement agencies; our government institutions, our religious and political parties, our sensitive installation; our sports, and our economy all are under the attack of hybrid warfare. To secure them, we will have to rebuild a supreme strategy, involving conflict zone population, home front population, and international community population if we want to defeat our arch-rival.

Even at this stage, if we do not understand the sensitivity of the situation and do not make efforts to convert our weaknesses into our strengths, our suffering and loss would not be much different from Iraq and Libya did face and Afghanistan is facing now.

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