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Deep Web Dark Web Doctor Shahid Masood Revealed the Secrets in Pakistan

Deep Web Dark Web Doctor Shahid Masood Revealed
Deep Web Dark Web Doctor Shahid Masood Revealed

Deep Web Dark Web Doctor Shahid Masood Revealed Update:

As we all know about the Baby Zainab Murder Case of Qasoor city of Pakistan, which shcocked us all. Due to this case Dr. Shahid Masood famous anchor of News One, one of a private satellite TV channel of Pakistan revealed the secrets that international mafia of Child Violent Pornography is involved in this high profile case, they are using Deep and Dark Web for the live Child Violent Pornography Internet programs. Deep Web Dark Web Doctor Shahid Masood.

Now Deep Dard Web is unfamiliar to most of us. Mehran Post is bringing the in depth article of Deep and Dark Web. Deep Web Dark Web Doctor Shahid Masood Revealed.

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Deep Web Dark Web Doctor Shahid Masood Revealed. Many people think that Deep Web and Dark Web are same things, but there is a lot of difference between these two terminology. As per estimate the volume of a Deep Web is 500 time more then the common Web which many of us reach. Deep Web Dark Web Doctor Shahid Masood Revealed. Deep Web is just like an Iceberg in sea. The upper part is called Common Web or Surface Web, weheras the lower part at sea is called Deep Web. Deep Web Dark Web Doctor Shahid Masood Revealed.

Deep Web Vs Dark Web

Deep Web Dark Web Doctor Shahid Masood Revealed. Deep Websites are those Websites or online services which common people can not reach. No search engine can index these Websites or online services, therefore Google and other search engine can not give you the link of Deep Web. As an example of Deep Web, it might be an online database. 

Deep Web Dark Web Doctor Shahid Masood Revealed. During searching of that online database you might select some options or you might to type a CAPTCHA, and we all know that search engines don’t provide these type of options and therefore the data we get after selecting the options in online database can not be in the reach of search engines. Deep Web Dark Web Doctor Shahid Masood Revealed.

There are numerous Websites in the world which provides you secret services. Dark Web is also a part of Deep Web but in size it is smaller than the size of a Deep Web. Deep Web Dark Web Doctor Shahid Masood Revealed.

The Invention of World Wide Web (WWW)

Deep Web Dark Web Doctor Shahid Maspod Revealed. As we all know about Sir Tim Berners Lee, also kown as Tim Bl (An English Engineer and Scientist), associated with CERN in 1980 which is an authorized organization which runs laboratory of Particle Physics.

In that laboratory Sir Tim Berners Lee presented the project plan of “ENQUIRE” based on the concept of Hyper Text. The objective of “ENQUIRE” project is to transfer latest information rapidly between the researchers of CERN. After few months Sir Tim Berners Lee resigned CERN and joined the private company, where he learned about computer networks. In 1984 Sir Berners Lee, joined CERN, because 1989 CERN became Europe’s No. 1 computer network organization. Talking about this project Tim Berners Lee said:

“I just connected the theory of Hyper Text with Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and Domain Name System (DNS” and due to this connection World Wide Web (WWW) created. The need behind the creation of Web was disappointment, because without CERN, the conditions was very though. The technologies which was behind the creation such as Hyper Text, Internet, the capability of writing text in more than on fonts was already present, I combined these things for the creation of World Wide Web (WWW).”

On 6th August 1991, Tim BL introduced World Wide Web (WWW) officially to the world. After that World Wide Web (WWW) promoted with the speed of bullet. In few years millions of Website became online. New online services started and human life changed. World Wide Web (WWW) privileged the humanity and world shrink by capturing in computer screen.

The benefits of World Wide Web (WWW) uncovered in front of world and by the time the dependency on Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) increased. For prompt communication e-mail replaced postal services and important government documents and secret files which was placed in office cupboard changed into digital formats. Deep Web Dark Web Doctor Shahid Masood Revealed.

Internet and Privacy Concerns

In 1995 when Tim Bl was busy in finalizing the structure of World Wide Web (WWW), during that era David Chaum wrote and article on the topic “Security without Identification.” In that article at one place he worte:

“Due to computerization people are loosing the capability of monitoring and controlling their personal information and its possible usages. Public and private organizations are already collecting the personal information of people, and sharing these information with each other. People have no source to know that whether their personal information are correct, old or not suitable. They know when authorities blames on them or they cannot get any services based on their personal information.” 

David Chaum exposed these possibilities before three decades from today, and today it is present in form of dangerous reality. Deep Web Dark Web Doctor Shahid Masood Revealed.

Google, Bing or Facebook type of things have gathered too much information about their subscribers, which is beyond our imagination. The remaining deficiency information gathering has been covered by the super powers countries. These super powers started the spy process in bignning days of Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) by using different techniques.

But in 2013 when former technical consultant of American Intelligence Service CIA, Edward Snowden uncovered the reconnaissances of CIA then whole world was astonished. Deep Web Dark Web Doctor Shahid Masood Revealed.

By watching such things Tim Bl was also upset and for the security of Internet users he demanded the implementation of famous law “Magna Carta.” “Magna Carta” was approved in 1215 by British emperor King John.

TOR Project

Deep Web Dark Web Doctor Shahid Masood Revealed. As we already informed you that the history of spying on Internet is as old as history of Internet itself. American government was already aware this circumstances (because they were involved on Internet spying) they also wanted that there must be a some system which can secure exchange of data on Internet from monitoring. American government wanted to design a system for securing their data and communication from rest of the world. For this purpose three employees of American naval research laboratory, one was Mathematician, and two were computer scientists, gave the “The Onion Routing” (TOR) system. This routing system was produced in the middle decade of 1990s. The TOR was based on the David Chaum’s article in which he gave the technique for securing e-mails from Electronic surveillance or spying. In September 2002 this project was released with the name of The Onion Routing (TOR) System. In 2004 this project got revolutionary changes when American naval research laboratory open sourced it.

The working of TOR is very interesting. In TOR there is no direct link between the data sender computer data receiving computer. But data can transferred through relay computers which spread all over the world called NODE or ROUTER. Before transferring the data from one point to other point it is being encrypted three times, just like Onion peels which is three layered protection system of Onion. After that this data packet send to the randomly selected NODE. The list of the NODES is provided by a special NODE which is called Directory NODE.

After crossing from every Router or NODE, one encryption layer is separated from data packet. When NODE decrypting the data it knows which NODE this data is to be forwarded, but it don’t knows that NODE which sent this data to it is first NODE or Third Node. After crossing the three NODE, data packet reach to exit NODE, where it completely decrypted. From exit NODE the data packet dropped to the destination computer.

In 2006 few people put the base of the TOR project organization, which took the responsibility of advancement in TOR. This organization was financially funded by Google, Human Rights and University of Cambridge. TOR project damage the electronic surveillance system of Internet. Every government from east to west withing their power tried to shut down the door of Internet or spying their citizens on Internet. Due to TOR both of this work can not be possible. The secret documents which was stolen by Edward Snowden from CIA showed that how much CIA was upset from TOR, because TOR don’t allows electronic surveillance or Internet monitoring.

Dark Web

The TOR system was developed to provide security to those people who use online services by using Internet, but there are some disadvantages of TOR. The law enforcement agencies and security organizations can reach to those criminals who makes crime on Internet with the clues they left behind after committing crime on Internet. TOR delete these clues completely. Therefore it is not easy for law enforcement agencies to reach those cyber criminals who use TOR. Therefore TOR is the best choice for those criminals who wants to do crime on Internet. 

The part of Internet which you want to reach by using TOR is called DARK WEB and Dark Web becomes a heaven of cyber crimes. Dark Web is an ugly face of World Wide Web (WWW), where you can buy cocaine, Hashish or every type of drugs. On Dark Web you can register a kidnapping order of some one you want to kidnap, you can give orders for murder of somebody on Dark Web, you can make illegals passports, you can get the stolen credit cards, you can buy every type of weapons, on the whole every crime which you think going on Dark Web. For reaching Dark Web, common URLs are not use but special type of URLs are use, which don’t use .com or .net extensions, but they use .onion extensions and it is difficult to memorize, for example http://2vlqpcqpjlhmd5rz.onion these types of Web addresses can be found on under ground forums or those websites which uses Dark Web. Search engines like Google and Bing have no ability to crawl such types of addresses or Websites. Only few people can reach to Dark Web. It is difficult for law enforcement agencies to reach those people who have small piece of knowledge of TOR. Because these people can launch their Websites in minutes and can operate these Dark Websites from any part of the world. You can download TOR browser and ready to use types of tools from Dark Websites, which helps in providing security of a subscriber’s online identity. No body can find the hosting service provider and a Web Master of Dark Websites. Police knows when the crime rates through Dark Web increases.

Silk Road was a good example of Dark Website. This Webiste sold every types of drugs. Silk Road became popular and involved in illegal businesses. American FBI struggled too much for closing this Website, couple of years back American FBI got success in accessing of this Website and it is offline now. But after few months Silk Road 2 launched by using TOR system, because the founder of Silk Road published the source code of Silk Road 2 to other Dark Website. When Silk Road was shut down American government captured Bit Coins which valued several million Dollars. Dark Web is full of Silk Road types of Websites.

Bit Coin Payment Method in Dark Web

In a common life when any body commits crime he/she took money for committing crime. Law enforcement agencies becomes attentive when some body get heavy amount in his/her bank account or somebody  buy expensive item. But in Dark Web conditions are different. You don’t receive payment in Dollars, Euros or any other currency, because by monitoring money trail law enforcement agencies can easily reach to a suspect.

Bit Coin plays a major role for making Dark Web a heaven or crime. This is a currency which don’t exist physically. No body print it and nobody controls it. This thing is beyond the banking system and its value depends on the differences of its demand and supply. This is a very complicated system and monitoring work on Bit Coin is very difficult. The sender and receiver of Bit Coin is completely under covered which makes Bit Coin an ideal receiving currency against committing crime. 

The payment method on Dark Web is done in the shape of Bit Coin. You can not make too much efforts in converting it like Euros or Dollars into your desired currency. There are several Bit Coin exchanges working world wide which purchase Bit Coins in minutes and give the desired amount to those who sale Bit Coins. Therefore nobody face difficulty in receiving Bit Coins.

We cannot get rid from Dark Web in future. You might think that TOR system should be banned. First it is not possible because TOR is that knife which was invented for cutting vegetables, but if this knife use for murder than this  this is not a fault of TOR. Second there are many other projects which are working like TOR. Today if Dark Web is alive on the support of TOR then it will get another support like TOR project.

Every person have a right to use Internet with freedom. If somebody is thinking that powerful governments leave surveillance act then he/she is day dreaming. This act of surveillance by different governments increases the value of TOR system, but the way which Dark Web using TOR project is very painful. 

Source: This article is translated from Monthly Computing

Image Sources: Monthly Computing, Thing Link, Slide Share, YouTube, News Pakistan, The Hacker News



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