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F-Secure DNS Hijacking WiFi Router Checker Absolute Overview for Internet Users Safety

F-Secure DNS Hijacking WiFi Router Checker

F-Secure DNS Hijacking WiFi Router Checker Update: Today all Internet users uses Wi Fi routers, so it is very necessary to check that your Wi Fi router is absolutely safe or not.

Many Wi Fi router can be hijacked by the attackers so one question is important which is, has your router been hijacked? You might not have any idea how to answer that question. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to find out… and it’s both fast and free.

Why would you need to check? Because routers aren’t immune from the machinations of cyber criminals; they can be hacked and infected just like our computers can and since most people don’t pay a lot of attention to their routers once they’re up and running, a compromised one could put users at risk for a long, long time.

DNS hijacking can cause all kinds of nasty problems; it can lead to a flood of malicious advertising or push you toward phishing sites in an attempt to steal credentials for your banking, email, and social network accounts.

What is DNS Hijacking and why is it harmful?

A DNS hijack means that someone has intentionally modified the settings on your router without your consent. This type of attack allows an attacker to monitor, control, or redirect your Internet traffic. For example, if your router’s DNS has been hijacked, any time you visit an online banking site on any device connected to that router, you may end up being redirected to a fake version of the site.

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From there, the attacker can gain access to your banking session and use it to transfer money without your knowledge. Home routers can be hacked if they contain vulnerabilities, or if they are misconfigured.

What happens if my router’s DNS has been hijacked?

  • DNS hijacking can alter the advertisements you see while browsing. If you start seeing inappropriate ads, such as porn ads, on normal pages that you visit, it might be a sign that you’re in trouble.
  • Furthermore, advertisements can be modified to trick you. If you start to see warnings or notifications indicating there’s something wrong with your computer, you may be the target of DNS hijacking.
  • DNS hijacks redirect your browser from popular web pages (such as social media and online banking sites) to fake versions of those sites. These fake sites collect your login credentials, personal information, and sometimes even credit card information and banking credentials.

So for prevention from DNS Hijacking, the security experts at F-Secure just announced in March 2015 their F-Secure DNS Hijacking WiFi Router Checker Tool. F-Secure DNS Hijacking WiFi Router Checker a dead-simple way to find out whether or not your DNS is working the way it should. There’s no app to download and install, F-Secure DNS Hijacking WiFi Router Checker is just a Website you can Visit  Router Checker Website Here with any modern, standards-compliant browser. Current versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera should all work just fine.

Click the Check Your Router button of a F-Secure DNS Hijacking WiFi Router Checker, the test completes in just a few seconds. Results of the test, and details about your router’s DNS server, display within the Router Checker web page. Keep in mind that the results of the test will display the IP address information about the DNS server used by your router. It may not be the IP address assigned to your computer.

Add Router Checker to your privacy and security toolbox for a new layer of personal protection.

Thank you for visiting Mehran Post Internet Security Category to learn how to use Router Checker to be safe from DNS hijacking.

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