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Hamla-WhatsApp Security Breach by Israeli Company NSO

Hamla-WhatsApp Security Breach

Hamla-WhatsApp Security Breach Update:

A Mobile Application WhatsApp admits that on Monday the 13th May 2019 WhatsApp faces major security breach.

Most importantly, hackers install target spyware thru voice calls.

Hamla-WhatsApp Security Breach affects both iOS and Android devices.

Besides that the malicious code allegedly install by Israeli NSO Group.

Therefore this code was transmit whether or not a user answer an affect call.

Details of Hamla-WhatsApp Security Breach

Therefore, in this regard US News Paper Financial Times reports this security breach of WhatsApp Mobile Application.

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Besides that the US News Paper inform that this spyware was for Hamla-WhatsApp Security Breach prepare by Israeli company NSO.

Because NSO is specialize in making surveillance devices for mobile phones.

According to Financial Times, NSO told that it gives technology licence authority to government organizations for ending terrorism.

Besides that NSO inform that it don’t operate this system.

NSO more says that, if they need than they will conduct inquiry on this authentic blame and if it is prove than NSO may shut down this system.

Therefore, WhatsApp Mobile Application company which is also a part of Facebook request for inquiry from US department for justice.

Besides that WhatsApp administration also advice the consumers of this App to download the latest version due to this Hamla-WhatsApp Security Breach.

Most importantly, WhatsApp also told that they are researching and conducting inquiry but they believe that only few people were target by this latest cyber technology.

The spokesperson of WhatsApp told that this Hamala-WhatsApp Security Breach was a proper cyber attack.

Because this attack gave all the indications to WhatsApp Mobile Application company that this surveillance was done by Israel thru private company NSO.

Surveillance Target Were Human Rights Workers

Most importantly, WhatsApp told that they believe that they have serious concerns on using this wrong use of this surveillance technology.

Besides that, according to senior lecturer Scotty Storay, due to this Hamla-WhatsApp Security Breach large number of WhatsApp consumers don’t affect.

Because only Human Rights workers were face this attack.

Therefore according to him, WhatsApp Mobile Application company promptly detects this weakness and correct this problem.

According to Scotty Storay this is not an act of getting any personal messages or any personal information.

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Image Sources: Time Magazine, AFP

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Image Sources: Time Magazine, AFP


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