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Homeland Season 4 Nefarious Fox TV Serial Against ISI and Pakistan

Homeland Season 4 Nefarious Fox TV Serial
Homeland Season 4 Nefarious Fox TV Serial

Homeland Season 4 Nefarious Fox TV Serial Update:

The unforgettable and sacrificing role of Pakistan Army and immortal character of security agencies of Pakistan from Afghan jihad against Russia to Pakistan’s serious and bloody conditions will be written in golden words. No body will deny this reality that without the indefatigable efforts of Pakistan Army and the historical character played by ISI which broke Russia into pieces. But it is regrettable that western allied or imperialism and false Indian media not only hides the continuous sacrificing role of ISI and Pakistan Army but they also put blame on Pakistan Army and ISI for spreading terrorism.

Although the old and latest history recalls that western or imperial forces are responsible for spreading terrorism in the world. History informs us that from last era of tenth century to the last era of thirteen century western world fought battles to capture Arab land specially Bait-ul-Muqaddas. Muslims did not attack any Christian states, rather whole western allied forces attacked Muslim areas away thousands of miles from their countries and Muslim world defeated western world several times in those battles which was started by western world who were captivated in religious and war passion.

Europe during the above mentioned centuries whistled terrorism nine times by attacking Muslim land but every time they captured in embarrassing situation or defeated badly from Muslims and the battle ground became the grave yard for European soldiers. Friends be remember that today western, Indian and Imperialism electronic and print media active in proving Muslims as a cruel and terrorist and showing Pakistani security forces supporting terrorism just like that several western people from centuries tried to prove famous and brave Muslim ruler Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi as an extrimist and terrorist. But the Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi owner of justice and kind hearted proved from his character and practice that for saving Holy land and external oppression, jihad is a duty which is assigned by Allah for every Muslim, and Islam is a religion of peace for times and a universal ideology of kind behavior for humanity, therefore this great Muslim winner did not take any revenge after taking Bait-ul-Muqaddas from crusaders. Crusaders demonstrated cruel behavior from Muslims when they captured Bait-ul-Muqaddas. Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi did mercy with those Christian soldiers and citizens who dropped the weapon against Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi.

This kind hearted Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi setup a very small amount of Fidyah and those people did not have any amount for paying Fidyah, Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi freed them by paying fidyah from his pocket. But on the other hand the crusades which were fought in the name of religious supremacy and prejudice revenge demonstrated the religious, racial prejudice, barbarism and brutalism by the so-called peace contractors and war criminals of western world and it is accepted by western historians themselves.

Another condemnable act from United States of America is a poisonous propaganda against the identity of Pakistan and national security organization ISI in the form of famous American Drama Serial “Homeland” a TV serial of Fox Entertainment which is presenting on American Cable Channel “Show Time”.

In this demonic Homeland Season 4 Nefarious Fox TV Serial, Americans tried to prove that Pakistan is one of the dangerous country of the world and ISI is a real ruler of Pakistan and security threat for international peace. Watch the trailer of Homeland Season 4 below:

You can easily guess the wicked objectives and reality of story of this devilish TV Drama Homeland by reading the writers Gideon Raff’s profile on WikiPedia. The Base of Fox Entertainment TV Drama Homeland is Israeli TV DramaHatufim” which means Prisoners of War (PoW) and it is written, produced and directed by Israeli writer, producer and director, Gideon Raff.

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Gideon Raff wrote 86 episodes of Homeland Season 4 Nefarious Fox TV Serial (2011, 2019).

The more important point of this anti Pakistan Nefarious TV Drama is that, several Indian Actors also contributed and played several important role. The important part of Homeland Season 4 Nefarious Fox TV Serial showed that, a terrorist group backed by Pakistani Secret Service attacks American Embassy and kills forty American diplomats, after that attack U.S. breaks the diplomatic relations with Pakistan and leave marine fleet called “Fifth Fleet” equipped with nuclear weapons towards Karachi. The Heroine of Homeland Season 4 Nefarious Fox TV Serial is Carrie Mathison who played CIA station commander role who stationed in Pakistan. In this whole TV Drama this woman with other CIA agents always talks poisonous and objectionable dialogues against Pakistan and ISI. This condemnable TV Drama serial presented Pakistan security organizations specially ISI as a champion of double standards.

The most condemnable matter is that this American Homeland Season 4 Nefarious Fox TV Serial uses embarrassing and dirty dialogues against Pakistan, Security Organizations, Secret Service Agency ISI, Political and National leaders which is not worth mentioning here.

This Anti Pakistan TV Drama serial showed that every person in America declares Pakistan as a unimportant an a corrupt country, while the head of American secret service agency CIA declares that Pakistan is a dirty place instead of real state and the secret service agencies of Pakistan are the groups of unreliable people with dual standards. But those Americans who called Pakistan as a dirty place forgets the true and undeniable dirty reality that father of more than sixty percent Americans are not a legal husband of their mother, and fifty percent of Americans don’t know the name and identity of their real father till death. Even Bill Clinton former president of United States of America in a television interview with NBC, admitted that

“It is certainly true that this country would be much better off if our babies were born into two-parent families. Means woman has a child out of wedlock.”

According to the Daily Mail, research has found with two-thirds of children in the U.S. born to mothers under the age of 30, it appears the majority of births across the country are out of wedlock. The data was compiled by Child Trends, a Washington research group that analyzed government data, and reported by the New York Times.

Homeland Season 4 Nefarious Fox TV Serial presented a woman officer of ISI in a a most negative, most darkest and embarrassing character. This nagative character performed by Indian Sikh Actress Nimrat Kaur. Remember that Indian media utilized Veena Malik against ISI and Pakistan to destroy the reputation of ISI and Pakistan. Homeland Season 4 Nefarious Fox TV Serial is a baseless and propaganda campaign TV Drama. Season 4 of Homeland specially prepared for the poisonous propaganda of west against ISI.

Previous seasons of Homeland focused the circumstances of political and military matters of Middle East. These circumstances presented from the angle of Western and Imperialism point of view. The American and Western media forgets the great sacrifices and selfless services of Pakistan Armed Forces. The poisonous media campaign for the character assassination of Pakistani Armed Forces by Western and American media is basically an argument of thankless, profiteers, hypocrites and fraud role of Americans. This is an American history of disinformation and bad reputation self made stories that after sixteen years, every educated person don’t want to believe on the investigative report of 9/11 incident. Even today world questions about the mystery of American torture cells of Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib jail and after thinking several times, the human mind believe that from Kuwait Iraq war to World Trade Center attack, every story of U.S. was fraud.

The Hollywood movies and American TV Dramas related to U.S. attack on Afghanistan and U.S. war on Terror are imaginary, engineered and anti Muslim entertainment product. The TV Dramas which are presenting on American TV channels or stories of American tactics in international politics are just propaganda campaign and plan to crush Islamic World.

If we look into the history of shuffling American policies and the changing faces of  CIA, it always fears that in future White House may plan, engineered or forcefully connect every next story with war against terror to destroy Pakistan and to kill Muslims. Every American propaganda against Pakistani security agencies is basically to spread hate against Pakistan Army and State of Pakistan and it is also an efforts to divide Muslims and Pakistani nation on ideological front.

Dear Pakistani people, Pakistan needs unity, if we don’t unite then we can not get peace in Pakistan.

Pakistani nation put the poisonous American and western media propaganda campaign on our foot. Pakistani nation loves every soldier of Pakistan Army and ISI.

Pakistani nation firmly believe that the soldiers of Pakistan Army are Mujahideen-e-Islam and a back bone and messenger for world wide peace. We love Pakistan and Pakistan Army. Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Army Zindabad.

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