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Intel Curie Technology BatSense Smart Bats Introduced in ICC Champions Trophy 2017

Intel Curie Technology BatSense Smart Bats

Intel Curie Technology BatSense Smart Bats Update: Cricket is all about technique and for viewers, it’s all about real-time information and statistics.

To add more excitement to the game of cricket, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has partnered with popular chip maker, Intel. Together, they had introduced smart bats during this ongoing ICC Cricket Champions Trophy 2017 in England.

These Intel Curie Technology BatSense Smart Bats will actually use chips, dubbed BatSense, that allow them to sense the bat swings.

Intel Sports Group Vice President Sandra Lopez highlighted the role of Intel Curie Technology BatSense Smart Bats in transforming the way we play and view sports. With higher levels of digitization, Intel is in a unique position to enable the sports industry to capture and analyze data to uncover and respond to new insights in real time.

Lopez said:

“Our goal is to lead the way forward into the digitization and personalization of sports, transforming the way fans and athletes experience sports.”

A new bat sensor powered by Intel Curie technology that can be mounted on any cricket bat to generate data for every stroke that the batsman plays. With this Intel Curie Technology BatSense Smart Bats, parameters like back-lift, bat speed and follow-through can be tracked for every cricket stroke. Several batsmen will use these bat sensors in the games at the 2017 Champions Trophy, enabling new insights on stroke play and rich story telling during broadcasts.

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BatSense with Intel Inside has the potential to transform cricket across a varied audience from coaches to aspiring self-taught cricketers.

Coaches can use their insights and expertise along with the bat sensor data to make specific adjustments to a batsman’s technique ultimately helping him perform better.

Players Who Will Use Smart Bats

While it is almost confirmed that three players from each team will have BatSense-installed bats, the names of these players are yet to be announced. For now, we know of Indian and English players who will have the chips on their bats.

England: Ben Stokes, Alex Hales, Jason Roy

India: Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane, Ravichandran Ashwin

More Technology of Intel in ICC Champions Trophy 2017

ICC plans to modernize the game by bringing upcoming technologies to the cricketing field.

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While similar bat-sensing tech has already been used in baseball bats, tennis racquets and golf clubs, it’s a first for cricket. Now, ICC is ready to incorporate VR and pitch reading drones.

Everything is explained in the video below:

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A consumer version of BatSense will be released later this year. People will no longer need expensive trainers or months of trial and error to improve their skills. If anyone wants to bat like AB de Villiers or Chris Gayle, they will be able to use VR technology and the bat sensors along with a digital trainers.

Cricket fans, expect great times ahead with new ways of improving your game.

Via: Intel News Room, ProPakistani



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