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Israel India RSS Shalom Bollywood Joint Venture Movie Drive For Positive Image of Israel

Israel India RSS Shalom Bollywood Joint Venture
Israel India RSS Shalom Bollywood Joint Venture

Israel India RSS Shalom Bollywood Joint Venture Update:

Benjamin Netanyahu praised Bollywood stars and said that who is greater than these stars? But the question is, why Israel loves so much with Indian film industry and what Israel wants from Bollywood? Israel India RSS Shalom Bollywood Joint Venture.

Israeli prime minister visited India in January 2018 to celebrate 24 years of diplomatic relations between India and Israel and to make this visit memorable. Rather than traditional style, Narendra Modi personally received the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu on airport. The delegation of one hundred and thirty business persons were also with Israeli prime minister. Israel India RSS Shalom Bollywood Joint Venture.

In this six days visit to India, Israeli prime minister visited dehli, Ahmedabad, Aagrah and Mumbai etc. Electronic and print media also discussed these visits and contracts which was signed during these visits. Israel India RSS Shalom Bollywood Joint Venture.

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The main and important visit of Israeli prime minister is the visit of Mumbai, where he arranged the important program named “Shalom Bollywood” at hotel Taj Mahal. This program was attended by Amitabh Bachchan, his son Abhishek Bachachan, Daughter-in-Law Aishwarya Rai, Director Subhash Ghai, Karan Johar, Imtiaz Ali and other famous celebrities. Israel India RSS Shalom Bollywood Joint Venture.

Israeli prime minister Netanyahu in his inaugurating speech firmly praised Bollywood celebrities and said that:

“Who is Greater than these Bollywood stars.”

He added:

“The reason is that the world likes Bollywood, Israel also loves Bollywood and I personally loves Bollywood.”

Bollywood celebrities including Amitabh Bachchan addressed in Shalom Bollywood show.

Nonetheless, Benjamin Netanyahu promised about the India Israel relationship till the end of this show. At the end of Shalom Bollywood program, Netanyahu said that:

“I am so much emotional regarding to India Israel relations therefore I want every Indian and Israeli citizen must know the remarkable friendship of both countries and for this I have an Idea that I want to take a Selfie with Bolllywood celebrities and producers just like Brad Pitte took a selfie in oscar award with important personalities so that millions of people of this world can see this friendship.”

He took the selfie which became a headlines of Indian media. This is not a first time that Israel tried to divert attentions of Indian famous film industry Bollywood towards Israel. Before this visit of Israeli prime minister, Israel attempts several efforts to divert Bollywood attentions towards Israel, and for this purpose Israel published advertisement for the shooting of Bollywood movies in Israel. In December 2017, a delegation of film producers and film directors of Bollywood visited Israel.

Famous film director of Bollywood, Imtiaz Ali was also a part of that delegation. Bollywood delegation was invited by Israeli government and the visit of that delegation was arranged by the department of culture of Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During the visit of India Israeli prime minister told that he is trying to motivate Bollywood to shoot Indian movies in Israel and for this reason, Israel arranged special funds. Israel India RSS Shalom Bollywood Joint Venture.

Israeli prime minister during the visit of India told that, Bollywood can play vital role in establishing the cultural relationship with India. Netanyahu also told that, he promise if Bollywood comes to Israel, then Israel will financially help Bollywood. We want presence of Bollywood in Israel. The interesting thing was that those Bollywood film stars and film makers who arrived to attend the Shalom Bollywood show waited in a que for more than three hours equivalent to a Bollywood movie duration.

But the question is why Israel loves and takes too much interest in Indian film industry and what Israel want to gain from Bollywood?

In recent days the Israelil killings of Palestinian protesters, clears that Israel is not famous but it is unpleasant country due to its policies whether it is strong financially and defence point of view. Therefore Israel is searching for those paths which makes Israel famous in civilization and cultural level. Israel knows that Bollywood movies are famous from central and south Asia to middle east and Israel with the help of Bollywood movies wants to show the positive image to the world.

Today India is ruled by Hindu Nationalist Right Wing Party, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Netanyahu psychologically one step ahead from RSS, therefore the ideological alliance of both the country is logical. This is the best example of opportunity in politics to use every circumstances in your benefits. In past Indian film industry demonstrates the opportunity for financial benefits.

So it is a silent and gradually efforts to penetrate inside the enemy nation’s civilization and culture. Movies or films plays important role in presenting the negative and positive image of any country or nation. Movies also plays an important role in trade therefore Israel wants benefits from movies.

During the Shalom Bollywood program in Mumbai’s Taj Mahal hotel, Israel presented a video which showed the popular locations of Haifa, Eilat, Masada, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv where any one can shoot films. Israel also wants to publicize these places to promote tourism with the help of Bollywood movies.

In this program Netanyahu presented a souvenir to the famous Bollywood film producers, Karan Johar and Apurva Mehta for shooting film first time in Israel.

It is to be clear that one song of an upcoming movie of Karan Johar “Drive” shooted in Tel Aviv few months before.

Bollywood movie Drive was directed by Tarun Mansukhani. Sushant Singh and Jacqueline Fernandez are the top ranked actors worked in Drive. Bollywood movie Drive will release in September 2018. Below is the movie trailer of Bollywood movie Drive:

Now we have to wait and see that which next Bollywood director and producer shoot his/her maximum part of film in Israel and in which style.

Source: Advance Pakistan

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