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Israeli Vicious Noxious Forces Targeting Marching Towards Pakistan

Israeli Vicious Noxious Forces Targeting
Israeli Vicious Noxious Forces Targeting

Israeli Vicious Noxious Forces Targeting Update:

Intelligence agencies of Indian, Afghanis, Israel and Unite States prepares civil army against Pakistan.

More About Israeli Vicious Noxious Forces Targeting

Therefore, the work of this civil army is to declare Pakistan Army’s operation against terrorism controversial.

Besides that, the main objective of this civil army is to plant serious allegations on Pakistan Army that Pakistan Army is involve in Killings of innocent people.

The task given to the civil army by enemies (Israel) of Pakistan and Pakistan Army is to misguide maximum Pakistanis.

How Civil Army Misguides Innocent Tribal People

Most importantly, they misguide innocent people by saying that Pakistan Army is wrong doers and kill Pakistani citizens against US Dollars.

Therefore few people misguide but these are those people who don’t know any thing and any rules and regulations of Pakistan Army.

Because they don’t have any relatives or friends working in Pakistan Army. Israeli Vicious Noxious Forces Targeting.

SOPs and Rules of Pakistan Army

Therefore, for those who don’t know the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and rules of Pakistan Army, we want to inform below something special for you.

Every soldier who joins Pakistan Army have an aim of his/her martyrdom.

Therefore, the person who is in the right direction becomes martyr.

Pakistan Army Operation Style

Most importantly, when Pakistan Army conduct any operation against terrorism, before operation the soldiers of Pak Army recite Kalma-e-Tayyaba, Darood Sharif and Dua and after that soldiers march towards mission.

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Besides that before conduction any military operation Pakistan Army confirms the presence of terrorists hiding in the operation area.

Training of Pakistan Army

Most importantly, the training of Pakistan Army is very tough to avoid the loss of Army and civilians life.

In Past we saw that terrorists kill Pakistani civilians easily.

But salute to Pakistan Army who analyze the serious circumstances and without caring their lives and loss they declare the final war against terror.

Pakistan Army Operation Against Terrorist Networks

Therefore at the end of this war Pakistan Army destroy every network of terrorists. Israeli Vicious Noxious Forces Targeting.

Most importantly, these terrorist networks were made by spending billions of Dollars by enemies of Pakistan.

But our honorable Pakistan Army destroy this heavy investment of our enemies in few years.

Therefore, now enemies of Pakistan have no choice except to damage the beautiful image of Pakistan Army.

Because enemies of Pakistan cannot fight with our Pak Army in battle field.

Because Pakistani nation stands behind Pakistan Army.

Most importantly, Pakistan is the only country whose nation loves their Army.

Possibilities for Enemies of Pakistan

Now there is one possibility left for our enemies to fight with our Pakistan Army.

And that possibility is to create hate in the heart of Pakistani nation against our Pakistan Army.

Therefore, our enemy is working on this Agenda. Israeli Vicious Noxious Forces Targeting.

Israeli Terrorists with Tattoos

If we go few years back, you might remember the ISI conducts an operation in Peshawar against terrorists.

And due to this operation some terrorists were died, when their body were search the authorities found evil tattoo on the back side of the terrorists bodies.

Most importantly, those terrorists were not Pakistanis.

Therefore, it is confirm that those terrorists were belongs to Israel Intelligence Agency.

Because, no Pakistani citizen makes such types of evil tattoo on body.

Most importantly, these terrorists were running different types of terrorist networks.

ISI and Pakistan Army Searching Style

But ISI and Pakistan Army search those Israel terrorist networks by demonstrating the professionalism as usual.

Therefore, after searching the networks of terrorist Pakistan army began the operation against the terrorists.

Most importantly, those Israel terrorists were infiltrate to Pakistan with highest training.

But they did not sustain even few minutes in front of Pakistan Army. Israeli Vicious Noxious Forces Targeting.

Rescue Operation by Pakistan Army for Foreigner Family

Few months earlier, Pakistan Army rescue a foreigner family from terrorists.

Therefore, after that rescue mission international media took interview of that foreigner family.

Interview of Foreign Family

Most importantly, during the interview rescue man who was the head of that family praise in superb style.

He told the international media that Pakistan Army secure them professionally.

Besides that Pakistan Army kill the Israel terrorists in few minutes.

Most importantly, the rescue foreigner adds that in America and other develop countries he saw these types of rescue mission ends in failure.

But Pakistan Army came in between terrorists and his family in rescuing them.

And in result his family were safe from the gun shots of terrorists and Pakistan Army kills terrorists.

About Pak Army Information for Uninformed People

Therefore, we would like to inform those people who don’t know the infrastructure of Pakistan Army and those people who are not part of Pakistan Army directly or indirectly must remember one thing.

And that one thing is if Pakistan Army sends its precious soldiers to secure the foreigner family than how Pakistan Army shoots to our innocent our tribal people.

Tribal People Second Army of Pakistan

Tribal people is a second army of Pakistan who are always ready and available to fight for Pakistan.

Besides that, these tribal people understand to be a best army in blocking the attacks from Afghanistan side.

Therefore, now to move far away Pakistan from these tribal force, intelligence agencies of America, Israel, India and Afghanistan are misguiding these innocent tribal people.

Main Aim of Misguiding Tribal People Against Pakistan Army

The main aim of misguiding tribal people against Pakistan Army is to make them against Pakistan Army.

So that when America, Israel, India and Afghanistan army move towards Pakistan then Pakistan Army cannot answer these enemies with full power.

Most importantly, this time America is preparing for attack on Pakistan with the help of Israel, Indian and Afghan forces.

Because for this purpose Israeli forces arrives in Afghanistan and this will be a biggest prove of an American Attack on Pakistan.

Besides that a group of Manzoor Pashteen of Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) is sloganeering Israel Zindabad.

Pakistan Army is receiving information through secret sources that Israeli are direct towards Indian Ocean.

Israeli Submarines Surveillance

Therefore, Israeli submarines apparently, targeting Iran but in real Israel is surrounding Pakistan from Afghanistan and Sea side.

Besides that Israel is surrounding Pakistan from Oman also.

Most importantly, Israeli PM Natenyahu pay a secret visit to Oman. Israeli Vicious Noxious Forces Targeting.

Therefore it has serious repercussions not only for Pakistan but also for the whole South Asia.

On a secret trip to Oman on 25th October 2018, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was accompany by his wife.

Besides that, Mossad intelligence Chief Yossi Cohen, National Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat and with other defense officials.

Why Israel expose her relations with Oman?

Firstly, Oman can serve Israel as a channel to many countries including Pakistan, Iran, Qatar and even Syria.

Therefore, Through Oman Israel can build secret ties with any player in the region.

For example; India use Oman’s good offices to develop ties with Iran.

Most importantly, If Israel gets a strong foothold in Oman through its embassy it can experiment with Pakistan and Iran.

Pakistan’s Threat Perception

In the age of Hybrid warfare it is essential for Pakistan that they are being deliberately encircle by its enemies.

Thus, its economic developments with other countries must have a military objective in the end.

Pakistan in a midst of Hybrid War

If we pay close attention to the post-911 South Asia, a whole book of several volumes can written on Pakistan’s threat perception.

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Because if we only consider the developments of past week, it is plain and clear that Pakistan is the midst of Hybrid war directs against it.

Besides that, international Propaganda campaigns are being conduct.

Recently it was Israeli newspaper Haaretz spreading falsehood against Pakistan to create a divide in between civil and military leadership.

Important Point of Hybrid War Against Pakistan

Besides that, Pakistani banks and data centers are being target through Cyber warfare.

India is busy in violating ceasefire agreement of 2003 and killing innocent Pakistanis.

United States is pressurizing the leadership of Pakistan by putting the blame about the loss in Afghanistan war.

In the midst of civil unrest, after Supreme Court overturn the death sentence of Aasia Bibi.

United States Commission on International Religious

Therefore, United States Commission on International Religious Freedom calls on the government of Pakistan to release another 40 individuals imprison in Blasphemy charges and repeal its blasphemy laws.

Because, it is not only an act of meddling into the internal affairs of Pakistan but also adding fuel to the fire.

Therefore, Pakistan must realize the fact that it is being slowly and steadily being encircle by its enemies.

The latest development of Oman-Israel ties is the prime example of the forces which are busy in enhancing the security of the state of Israel at the cost dividing the Muslim countries.

Natenyahu’s Binoculars and the View from Muscat

Israel is the only country in the world after Pakistan made independent in the name of religion.

Therefore, no intelligent brain in the world can understand Israel’s geo-politics without understanding the significance and the influence of Jewish literature in formation of her foreign policy.

Besides that, Israel is seeking to rule the world from Jerusalem and a nuclear Pakistan is a significant threat and an obstacle to her end game.

Distance of Oman from Pakistan and Israeli Threat

Oman is Pakistan’s nearest neighbor, only a stretch of 250 miles of sea separates Oman and Pakistan.

Most importantly, the view from Muscat sees Pakistan and Iran on the north. Pakistan’s relations with Oman will have a new shift if Oman recognizes Israel officially in the near future.

Therefore, Pakistan must pay close attention to the new Israel’s presence with US military in Oman.

If Israel gets a strong foothold in Oman through her embassy in Muscat (which locate in northern Oman facing Pakistan and Iran).

Then for Pakistan it will naturally provide an opportunity to incorporate Iran as a partner in the military drills to balance the power.

Israeli Air Force Past Role

Remember that in past, Israel already sent Israeli air force inside India to destroy atomic reactors of Pakistan.

Therefore, at that time Pakistan fail Israeli mission.

But now Israel with the help of powerful defense force and with its allied forces want to fight final battle with Pakistan.

Therefore, the cap which Manzoor Pashteen of Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) wears is made in other country.

Most importantly, if you analyze this cap seriously then you will astonish to see the third temple design on the cap.

Third Temple resemblance on cap is our opinion, which may be wrong.

About Third Temple

Third Temple is the House, the Holy, the Third would be the third Jewish temple in Jerusalem after Solomon’s Temple and the rebuilt Second Temple.

Although it has not been built, prospects for its completion are important in Jewish eschatology.

So we would like to request from Pakistani nation specially youth to stand with Pakistan Army against Israel.

In Shaa Allah we will win this Hybrid War if we strengthen the hands of our Pak Army.

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Image Sources: Advance Pakistan, Geo Politica





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