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Kaptan Tabdeeli-Naya Pakistan Calling Web Portal For Highly Qualified Overseas Pakistanis

Kaptan Tabdeeli-Naya Pakistan Calling
Kaptan Tabdeeli-Naya Pakistan Calling

Kaptan Tabdeeli-Naya Pakistan Calling Update:

Syed Zulfikar Abbas Bukhari the Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development (OP&HRD) launch a Web Portal.

It is called the ‘Naya Pakistan Calling’. Kaptan Tabdeeli-Naya Pakistan Calling.

Most Importantly, the aim of the Web Portal is to hire Pakistani expats.

Details of Kaptan Tabdeeli-Naya Pakistan Calling

According to Syed Zulfikar Bukhari, It will provide the diaspora a gateway.

There overseas Pakistanis could share their professional prowess and experiences.

The launching ceremony of the Web Portal was held in the Overseas Pakistan Foundation (OPF) Office.

Besides that, the Minister says that this is an opportunity for overseas Pakistanis. Kaptan Tabdeeli-Naya Pakistan Calling.

Because, they can now share their skills and experiences for the benefit of Pakistan.

What Government Wants?

Therefore, the government wants to give a sense of ownership to the overseas Pakistanis.

The Pakistani expatriates now could submit their Curriculum Vitae (CVs) on the Web Portal.

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Registration of Overseas Pakistanis

Besides that they can register themselves by selecting their area of interests where they intend to serve.

Bukhari says:

“This is a step in the right direction to provide a digital platform to Pakistani expatriates at this stage.”

Bukhari says that under the leadership of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The overseas Pakistanis will be given ownership and a sense of identity. Kaptan Tabdeeli-Naya Pakistan Calling.

Bukhari further says that the PTI government wants to utilize the skills & expertise of the valuable overseas Pakistanis.

Because those who left their home country in search for jobs or education expect better treatment when they return back home.

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Therefore, the government needs to value these overseas Pakistanis.

Thus the Web Portal is being launch to hire expats. Kaptan Tabdeeli-Naya Pakistan Calling.

According to Bukhari, a number of overseas Pakistanis contact him for making investment in Pakistan.

Therefore, the government was working out a framework to remove the red-tapism and flaws in banking process.

PM 100 Days Reforms Promise

The launching of Web Portal is the part of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s first 100 days reforms initiative plan.

The portal contain a database, comprising of professional profiles of overseas Pakistanis.

Most importantly, these professionals can be accessible to all stakeholders. Kaptan Tabdeeli-Naya Pakistan Calling.

Because, expats are a potential source of opportunities including trade, investment, innovation and technical knowledge.

You can also visit the Naya Pakistan Calling Web Portal by clicking Here.

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