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Karachi Traffic Police Plan To Raise Challan Fees for Karachiites

Karachi Traffic Police

Karachi Traffic Police Update: Karachi, the largest and most populous city in Pakistan, and also the trade hub of the country has been rapidly expanding without any kind of informal infrastructure. This also includes any kind of traffic management system.

In order to deter law-breaking motorists in Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi Traffic Police has decided to come up with stricter measures. In a recent move by the Deputy Inspector General of Karachi Police, Asif Aijaz Shaikh, the penalties on traffic violations are to be increased and are currently under discussion.

In an official letter, Asif Aijaz Shaikh Deputy Inspector General of Karachi Traffic Police has asked for the revision of the traffic violation penalties. In his letter written to the Inspector General of Police, Asif requested to move the new suggested fines to the Government of Sindh which according to him will “go a long way to reduce road fatalities and traffic violations as well.”

Karachi Traffic Police Letter

This document suggests very hefty penalties on the traffic violators for instance Rs. 2000 fine for violating a traffic signal or Rs. 2000 for plying where prohibited etc. This document raises a question, whether threatening the people with a big fine will have a “deterrent effect upon the violator”?

Over the years, most of the public have relied on the city’s damaged and ever-deteriorating public transport but the number of private cars on the roads have increased. Because of this, the majority of the drivers that one encounters are devoid of any knowledge about basic traffic rules or regulations.

For years the Karachi absence has lacked effective traffic management system. There are no effective steps taken by the government as well as the Karachi Traffic Police to teach people about the traffic laws and rules.

There is hardly any money spent in bettering the traffic infrastructure in Karachi. People have been using the damaged public transport for years and also the ownership of private vehicles has also seen an increase due to the worse condition of the buses.

In the fiscal year of 2016-17, Sindh government allocated Rs 10 billion for various major infrastructure projects of Karachi. Murad Ali Shah, then Sindh Finance Minister said that this money would be used for 17 major infrastructure projects of Karachi in the budget 2016-17. It should be noted here that many of these projects also got funds allocated in the previous budgets as well.

Therefore in the light of above analysis Sindh Government must take serious actions and ask the authorities of Karachi Traffic Police to don’t raise the challan fees for the people of Karachi.

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