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Khushkhabri-Huawei Mobile Users Get Relief from US Department of Commerce

Khushkhabri-Huawei Mobile Users

Khushkhabri-Huawei Mobile Users Update:

United States has temporarily lifts the process of ban on Huawei devices.

Besides that, according to the US department of commerce announcement this relief is for three months.

Khushkhabri-Huawei Mobile Users Details

Most importantly, Khushkhabri-Huawei Mobile Users got this temporarily relief is due to the recommendations of Temporary General Licence (TGL).

Therefore, remember that, US President Donald Trump put the Huawei Smartphones in black list last week.

Because due to this black listing Huawei have to first take permission from US government for selling Huawei devices.

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After that, Goolge own Android also announce that they disconnect every contacts from Huawei.

Now, TGL was implement from 20th May 2019 on Huawei Smartphones.

Therefore, due to TGL Khushkhabri-Huawei Mobile Users can get software updates on their phones.

Besides that Huawei company can also purchase components from US suppliers.

US Secretary of Commerce Statement

According to the US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, this temporarily lifting the ban on Huawei Smartphones is to give more time.

More times to those telecom carriers which are dependent on Huawei equipment to make alternative arrangements.

Therefore, in short, this license will allow operations to continue for existing Khushkhabri-Huawei Mobile Users and rural broadband networks.

Because due to US sanctions, Google canceled the Android licence of Huawei.

Besides that, chip maker companies like Intel and Qualcomm chipset were also stop the supply of chips to Huawei.

On the other hand, Huawei assure their Khushkhabri-Huawei Mobile Users that they will get services supports from even after sanctions.

Huawei says in their statement that Huawei security updates and after sales service will continue on all Huawei, Honor Smartphones and Tablets.

These devices includes which were sold and which are in stock in all over world.

Bloomberg Report

Most importantly, according to Bloomberg report, Huawei has introduce its own play store in comparison to Android.

Therefore, Huawei introduce its play store in 2018 for Khushkhabri-Huawei Mobile Users.

According to the company 5 crore people of Europe use Huawei Play Store on their Smartphones instead of Google Play Store.

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Image Sources: News.COM.AU, The Peninsula


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