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Life Saving Android iOS Application Mohafiz for Sending Emergency Alerts

Life Saving Android iOS Application Mohafiz

Life Saving Android iOS Application Mohafiz Update: 

Pakistan is at war with multiple militant groups. We have terrorists attacking schools. We have kidnappings in our cities, robberies, fires, road accidents…can a mobile app help us navigate this mess safely?

Enter Life Saving Android iOS Application Mohafiz, developed by Islamabad-based HumaneTek. A Life Saving Android iOS Application Mohafiz has saved 350 lives up-till now in Pakistan. This Life Saving Android iOS Application Mohafiz lets you send out emergency alerts through SMS. The Life Saving Android iOS Application Mohafiz is designed with an objective that it has to be user friendly and is very useful for the public safety. Mohafiz: A Safety Apps That has Saved 350 Lives in Pakistan.

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This Life Saving Android iOS Application Mohafiz has been downloaded 17000 times up-till now across Pakistan. As a huge mass of Pakistan is more comfortable with Urdu and is unable to convey the message in English, keeping this factor in mind, Mohafiz is available both in English and Urdu.

Described as a ‘life saving’ application, Mohafiz, “allows you to broadcast a life-threatening situation to the contacts you choose as ‘In Case of Emergency (ICE)’ contacts through SMS, Facebook and Twitter.”

Developed by Fahad Mehmood Khan, Mehfooz (guardian when translated to English) is an emergency-broadcast application. At setup, you feed in all your information such as your name, age, gender, blood group and email address at the time of setup, or even enter some info if you have a special medical condition (High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cancer, etc). After that, you enter 5 ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts: family members, neighbours, friends, colleagues, etc.

In emergency situation, all you have to do is click on the application widget to launch the application. The screen will present two buttons; Red and Orange. If it is an immediate emergency and you don’t have time to classify the nature of emergency then you have to press the Red button. When you press the red button, a SMS will be immediately sends out your location and a general distress message to your ICE contacts.

If you are involved in an evolving situation, then press orange button.

According to Khan, since Pakistan’s security infrastructure isn’t developed enough to serve all the people, so we, the people, need to take some steps ourselves to help each other. There are also some extra features that make this app a complete security package,

  • A news feed about security related news in a user’s respective area.
  • Contact numbers of Emergency Services inside the app’s phonebook.
  • Blood Donation or finding a specific kind of blood through the app’s portal.

Considering Pakistan’s unstable security condition, Mohafiz is the perfect app to have by your side. Since the app is free, there is no harm in downloading it and giving it a try.

Download Mohafiz for Android or iOS for free.

Source: DAWN, Phone World, Tech Juice

Image Source: Tech Juice

Video Source: HumaneTek



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