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Metabolic Syndrome New Silent Killer Disease Spreading Cursorily

Metabolic Syndrome New Silent Killer Disease
Metabolic Syndrome New Silent Killer Disease

Metabolic Syndrome New Silent Killer Disease Update:

A new disease which is spreading with the high speed in this world and we worried that many people don’t know about this sickness. This sickness is called Metabolic Syndrome and this disease is targeting every single mature person out of three persons which proves to be a deadly. However good news is that you can reverse the metabolic syndrome by changing your lifestyle. Metabolic Syndrome New Silent Killer Disease.

Now what is metabolic syndrome? If you don’t know than metabolic syndrome disease is the combination of five sicknesses.

The suffered person of this disease indicates major five components which are: (1) Abdominal Obesity which is Increase in Tummy Size (2) Type of Fat in a Human Blood called High Triglyceride (3) Low HDL Cholesterol Level, HDL Cholesterol Level is good for your health (4) Insulin Resistance and (5) High Blood Pressure. The combination of all these sicknesses increase the danger of heart attack and diabetes which will be deadly. Metabolic Syndrome New Silent Killer Disease.

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Among these five diseases every disease can effect negative impact on muscle system of a human body and when they combine they prove to be a destructive. Metabolic Syndrome is now an epidemic disease. A research of Florida Atlantic University informed that the quantity of people who suffered from metabolic syndrome is increasing rapidly and therefore now this disease is called silent killer that was blood pressure in 1970s. Metabolic Syndrome New Silent Killer Disease.

What is the basic reason of metabolic syndrome? Why it is spreading rapidly? The reason is the worldwide increase rate of obesity. According to the experts of Boston Medical Center, unhygienic food and lack of exercise creates lot of troubles in our life. In today’s world people due to obesity suffered from heart disease and diabetes type 2 in young age and this example not found in past. Metabolic Syndrome New Silent Killer Disease.

There is no such special medicine present for metabolic syndrome but so many thing can be done which can be possible to stop or reverse this disease. The secrete to reverse this disease is hidden in healthy lifestyle. Increase your body activity and select hygienic food. Give minimum thirty minutes to your body exercise daily and 5 times a week. Use healthy food with the suggestion of your doctor and use less refine carbohydrates.

The adoption of healthy lifestyle is better than suffering from any disease because it enhance your health and it make you live away from long lasting diseases. If you want to be away from metabolic syndrome in your life than don’t gain your body weight and it is the first step to live away from metabolic syndrome. Healthy food, 30 minutes of body exercise, suitable sleep and take steps like yoga and muraqaba which avoid you from tension and depression will be helpful to live you away from metabolic syndrome.

Smoking is also a main and vital component which can suffer you from metabolic syndrome. If you don’t give time to your body exercise than don’t smoke because it will be helpful for you in not facing serious problems in future.

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