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NAP-Tabdeeli Imran Khan Assertive Mode on National Action Plan of Pakistan

NAP-Tabdeeli Imran Khan Assertive Mode
NAP-Tabdeeli Imran Khan Assertive Mode

NAP-Tabdeeli Imran Khan Assertive Mode Update:

Imran Khan elect 22nd Prime Minister of on 17th August 2018.

Just after electing Prime Minister he aggressively roar on enemies and economic terrorists of Pakistan.

He said that he will not give any NRO to those robbers who looted Pakistan.

Nation who was waiting for change from seventy (70) years, now that time has come.

After taking oath of Prime Minister on 18th August 2018, Imran Khan on 19th August address to the nation on TV & Radio.

This address to the nation on TV and Radio was exceptional. NAP-Tabdeeli Imran Khan Assertive Mode.

Because till today none of the any Prime Minister of Pakistan addressed like Imran Khan.

Imran Khan Highlights the important problems of Pakistan and gave the solutions of those problems which Pakistan is facing.

NAP-Tabdeeli Imran Khan Assertive Mode

Many Pakistani shock that why the aggressive style of Imran Khan Increases just after becoming Prime Minister?

Why it all of us feels after the Prime Minister address that every problem of Pakistan is going to be solved on war basis?

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We personally feels that Pakistan Army and Imran Khan can become a perfect team.

Because Pak Army who did not get the absolute result on National Action Plan (NAP) from previous government.

Action of Prime Minister Imran Khan on NAP

Now Prime Minister is going to take serious actions against the biggest mafia of Pakistan under the NAP.

This point was raised personally by Imran Khan during his first speech to the nation. NAP-Tabdeeli Imran Khan Assertive Mode.

PM ask the nation to ready because this mafia will come on roads and will try to sabotage the peace of Pakistan.

He told that you as a nation don’t step back, now either Pakistan live or this mafia.

We never heard this type of talks from any Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Now Imran Khan is going to take actions against the mafia for which Pak Army ask to take actions from previous government.

But previous government fail to take any action against the biggest mafia of Pakistan.

Because the members and heads of political parties who were part of two previous government are part of this mafia.

Types of Mafia in Pakistan

They connect to Petrol mafia, Water mafia, Gas mafia, Land mafia, Timber mafia, Sugar Mill mafia etc. etc.

They are not only connect to this mafia but their relatives are also a members of this mafia.

This mafia is influenced by India, Afghanistan and Iran. NAP-Tabdeeli Imran Khan Assertive Mode.

Under the configure program this mafia is damaging Pakistan unlimited.

Now the question is Pakistan Army can itself destroy this mafia in few days then why Pak Army don’t do this?

Actually the aim of NAP is not only to destroy this mafia but to not allow this mafia to born Afghan next time.

This will only possible if the sincere government make legislations against this and mafia and to make political free police system.

Pakistan Army can only work on war basis.

But to get the long term positive results the good link of Prime Minister with GHQ is important.

This link building can only establish that Prime Minister who is not a mafia himself.

He is not under the influence of any external intelligence agency.

Therefore on his first speech to the nation, Prime Minister Imran Khan express his fear.

That this corrupt mafia and economical terrorists of Pakistan can destabilized the Pakistan.

But we are not in this situation that we can forgive them at any cost.

Therefore we will do those works which is crucial for National Interest.

Kashmir Conflict and Prime Minister Imran Khan

Many of our Pakistani friends found in discussing the point that Prime Minister of Pakistan did not mention the Kashmir conflict on his first speech?

So dear Pakistani friends we can solve the Kashmir issue by that time when Pakistan will stable on internal and external level.

Due to heavy load of external loans which is mounted on Pakistan.

We can not provide only military, political or financial help to Kashmir. NAP-Tabdeeli Imran Khan Assertive Mode.

But we also can not give moral support to Kashmir and Kashmiri brothers.

If we ask India to solve Kashmir, issue in reply India will disturb the peace inside Pakistan with the help of RAW agents.

Did you people don’t see that video of former Indian Army Chief General Bikram Singh.

In which he suggests to engage Pakistan in internal problems that Pakistan can not talk on real issues.

Watch this video below:

Therefore it is necessary for Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Government to end the internal enemies of Pakistan.

Pakistan Army is coping with those hardcore terrorists who are attacking from borders of Pakistan.

This is the wish of every Pakistani which was highlight by the Prime Minister of Pakistan on his first address.

Insha Allah you will see that Pakistan will get the breakthrough on Kashmir issue in the tenure of Imran Khan’s Government.

First two years after putting Pakistan on correct path.

Prime Minister will focus on Kashmir, Afghanistan and other neighboring countries of Pakistan.

But it doesn’t mean that in first two years of Imran Khan’s tenure Kashmir will be neglected, No way.

You will see in next few weeks that high level delegation of Prime Minister Pakistan will meet with Kashmiri leaders.

And due to this meeting India will flare up.

Steps for Overseas Pakistanis

Besides that Prime Minister in his address to Nation made great announcement for overseas Pakistanis.

Bad behavior with those Pakistanis who live in other countries will not continue for long time.

Innocent Pakistanis who are imprison in jails of different countries will be free.

Like India and America who provides safety to their citizens all over the world.

Pakistan will also give safety to Pakistani citizens in all over the world. NAP-Tabdeeli Imran Khan Assertive Mode.

Police Reforms

To end terrorism in Pakistan together with Pakistan Army, Police also needs better system.

Because Police can access every city and village easily.

Police can identify and can take action against those dangerous terrorists who hides inside the country.

In this regard Prime Minister had taken the great move.

PM is giving this task to the former IG of KPK, Nasir Durrani to make reforms in Punjab Police.


These are the points which every patriotic wants to complete.

Any patriotic Pakistani will never say wrong about these great decisions of the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

We all Pakistani must pray to Allah that Allah help Prime Minister Imran Khan to work on these great decisions.

More importantly it is necessary to say here that at present Prime Minister must not reduce his security.

Till Pakistan will become complete secure country in the world. NAP-Tabdeeli Imran Khan Assertive Mode.

The man who takes such type aggressive decisions are the man of clean intention.

And few people of clean intention comes to this position.

Such type of people assassinated by other country”s Intelligence Agencies and this is our history.

Any Pakistani leader who favors Pakistan becomes martyr.

Therefore, at present Pakistan is not in this position to loose Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Because, Prime Minister Imran Khan is loyal to his country, Pakistan.

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