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Pak UK Puissant Accountability Declaration Ratified Against Money Laundering and Corruption

Pak UK Puissant Accountability Declaration Ratified
Pak UK Puissant Accountability Declaration Ratified

Pak UK Puissant Accountability Declaration Ratified Update:

Pakistan and United Kingdom sign the great Agreement.

Details of Pak UK Puissant Accountability Declaration Ratified

This Agreement is called Justice and Accountability Declaration.

Prime Minister Imran Khan announce after coming into the government. Pak UK Puissant Accountability Declaration Ratified.

That the first priority of the government is to bring back the looted money in Pakistan.

Government of Prime Minister Imran Khan is going to start the act of Accountability.

To act on this announcement Prime Minister Imran Khan met with British Home Secretary on 17th September 2018.

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After this meeting Pakistan and Britain sign the Agreement of Justice and Accountability.

Details About Agreement

According to the Agreement, work for recovery of Pakistani Assets in UK will restart again.

Besides that both countries will work and take steps for the procurement of Money Laundering.

Because this Agreement is as whole and it will not for any individual person or case.

Giving the press briefing the British Home Secretary said that:

“The economy of Pakistan is badly damage due to Money Laundering.”

Therefore according to this Agreement.

Both countries will begin to restart work on prisoners exchange program.

After RAW Agent Altaf Hussain coming openly against Pakistan. Pak UK Puissant Accountability Declaration Ratified.

Negligence of Previous Government

The previous government contact for the delivery of this criminal.

But since Altaf Hussain is an important worker of India.

And former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif’s business is also statblish in India.

Therefore, due to India pressure previous government did not take any serious majors on this case.

If we talk about the prisoners transfer to Pakistan. Pak UK Puissant Accountability Declaration Ratified.

Pakistani government not only talk about Altaf Hussain.

But government of Pakistan will also talk about both the sons of Nawaz Sharif.

Who are the owners of that property.

These properties were purchased from the looted money of Pakistan.

British government may also hand over former finance minister of Pakistan, Ishaq Dar.

Ishaq Dar is facing different corruption cases in Pakistan.

But he scape to UK in previous government.

Most importantly it depends on the seriousness of present government.

And present government is taking these case very seriously.

Besides that British Home Secretary assures.

That UK will help Pakistan in removing from FATF Gray List.

This proves That UK is very serious in making strong relationships with Pakistan.

British Home secretary said:

“Pakistan Army took serious majors to end the terrorism in Pakistan.”

What is FATF?

Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is a global task force.

FATF was formed in 1989 by different countries.

FATF role is to combat money laundering. Pak UK Puissant Accountability Declaration Ratified.

Role includes terrorist financing and other illegal activities.

Which is related to international financial system.

The task forces monitors financial transactions of countries worldwide.

FATF reviews if the countries have taken the required steps.

These steps are against curtailing the flow of funds to blacklisted organizations.

For example, mafias, terrorist outfits, banned groups.

Who face economic sanctions from UN-member countries.

Based on these facts, FATF releases a list of countries.

After its review and sorts them according to their performance.

What is Grey-List?

FATF’s grey list includes:

Countries that are not doing enough to fight money laundering and terrorist financing.

Pakistan was on this list previously for three years between 2012 and 2015.

Therefore task force recognized Pakistan’s efforts and removed it from the grey list in 2015.

However due to the tensions between United States and Pakistan.

And considering the influence that US has on other countries.

Pakistan has been placed in the grey-list yet again. Pak UK Puissant Accountability Declaration Ratified.

Which was effective from June 2018.

Sources: Advance Pakistan, ProPakistani

Image Source: Advance Pakistan


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