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PAKPLAS Plastic Exhibition Lahore 2018 to be Held on 18th March Expo Center

PAKPLAS Plastic Exhibition Lahore 2018
PAKPLAS Plastic Exhibition Lahore 2018

PAKPLAS Plastic Exhibition Lahore 2018 Update:

The PAKPLAS Exhibition is Pakistan’s largest show of Plastic Products, being held from 16th to 18th of March 2018, at the Lahore Expo Center. Governor Punjab Mr. Rafiq Rajwana will inaugurate the mega exhibition. PAKPLAS Plastic Exhibition Lahore 2018.

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Chief Organizer of PAKPLAS – Mr. Syed Nabeel Hashmi stated that:

“This grand event is designed to facilitate collective initiatives by engaging the stakeholders of the Plastics-Processing Industry, whereby all segments of this industry like; Raw-material producers, processors, plastics machinery manufacturers, makers of moulds& dies, traders & importers/exporters of plastics raw Material and producers of finished & semi-finished Goods will get to interact, learn and share their ideas to accelerate progress in this industry.”

PAKPLAS Plastic Exhibition Lahore 2018. This 3-day event is expected to attract a large gathering of industrial buyers, experts, entrepreneurs, regulators, investors and professional delegates from international and local enterprises and institutions, who seek new opportunities for expanding their business relations and deliberate on collaborative ventures to enrich this important sector of the economy. PAKPLAS Plastic Exhibition Lahore 2018.


The Pakistan Plastics Manufacturers Association (PPMA) was formed in the early1970s, but was registered with the Government of Pakistan in 1982 under the Trade Organization Ordinance of 1961. PAKPLAS Plastic Exhibition Lahore 2018.

It is the only plastics Association in the country that is registered with the Ministry of Commerce. The voluntary membership of the Association today comprises a large number of paid members spread all over the country. The Association has its North Regional Office in Lahore, Pakistan.PPMA was established with the objective of bringing together the members of the plastics processing industry under a single roof. The Association is comprised of rapidly growing SME’s as well as established large businesses. The members of the Association include raw material producers, processors, plastics machinery manufacturers, moulds/dies makers, traders and importers / exporters of plastic raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods.

The Association actively extends cooperation to Polymer Technical Institutes and the Plastics Technology Centre (PTC) which PPMA has over the years supported and is also represented on its Board. PPMA is now fast emerging as a professional organiser of its own PakPlas Expo in Karachi and Lahore. In previous years plastic exhibitions were held by PPMA but not on a regular basis. However now the future of the PakPlas Expo is all set to ensure an annual holding of the event. With the Government of Pakistan’s strong industrial policy and support the plastic industry is all set to ensure its presence in the Pakistan’s ever growing consumer markets. The industry has become a strong buyer of plastic equipments and raw materials from all over the world. The Association is also playing an active role in attempting to globalise the local plastics industry.

Sources: Press Release Issued by Ahsan Ansari of SHAMROCK Communications (Private) Limited, PAKPLAS

Image Source: PAKPLAS


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