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PakSat-MM1 DTH HTS BB Multi Mission Satellite Reached to 38.2 East

PakSat-MM1 DTH HTS BB Multi Mission
PakSat-MM1 DTH HTS BB Multi Mission

PakSat-MM1 DTH HTS BB Multi Mission Update:

Pakistan in recent days is working hard for expanding its space program and for this purpose Pakistan took new Multi Mission Satellite PakSat-MM1 DTH HTS BB Multi Mission from China. The Pakistan Multi-Mission Satellite (PakSat-MM1) will cater to Direct-To-Home (DTH) television transmission, High-Throughput Services (HTS), and Broadband Internet, besides strategic SatCom.

It will help Beijing and Islamabad to strengthen their bilateral ties not only through the ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative and but also by enhancing cooperation and capacity in the field of science and technology.

The PakSat-MM1 Satellite has reached to the geostationary orbit 38.2 East on 27th February 2018. China at this time cooperating with Pakistan on different space program. Earlier PakSat-1R was the first communication Satellite of Pakistan which was placed in the geostationary orbit with the help of China. Pakistan recently has also launched the remote sensing Satellite PRSS-1 and test Satellite PakTes-1A.

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Pakistan and China signed on an agreement in March 2018 and according to this agreement PakSat-MM1 DTH HTS BB Multi Mission will work for Pakistan. With the help of this Satellite, Pakistan wants to be a self dependent in communication sector. After this agreement, Pakistan has began to plan the construction of ground stations of PakSat-MM1 and reserved 4 billion 70 hundred thousand rupees in the budget of 2018-19. From this reserved amount two billion 55 hundred thousand reserved for beginning of three new space projects in which establishing of space centers in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad also part of these three new space projects.

One billion 35 hundred thousand rupees reserved for PakSat-MM1 Satellite. The third project is building of space application research center in Karachi which will cost 20 hundred thousand rupees. The total cost of PakSat-MM1 DTH HTS BB Multi Mission is 27 billion 57 thousand rupees and Pakistan will use PakSat-MM1 for civil and military self dependence. 

At present Pakistan depends on American and French Satellite for civil and military purpose, while PakSat-MM1 DTH HTS BB Multi Mission with collaboration of China will be use for Satellite, GPS, Mobile Phone technology, DTH, HTS, Broadband Internet and other purposes.

Sources: Advance Pakistan, Technology Review Pakistan, The Express Tribune

Image Source: Advance Pakistan


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