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PMSA Biggest Maritime Patrol Vessel First Look Emerged on Internet

PMSA Biggest Maritime Patrol Vessel

PMSA Biggest Maritime Patrol Vessel Update: Pakistan Maritime Security Agency’s (PMSA) is expected to get six Maritime Patrol Vessels (MPVs) – two large 1,500 ton and four medium sized 600-ton – from China. Today, first photos of Pakistan Maritime’s largest patrol vehicle have emerged on the Internet.

The first of its kind, 1,500 ton PMSA Biggest Maritime Patrol Vessel (MPV) is going to be the biggest the country has ever used.

The pictures of PMSA Biggest Maritime Patrol Vessel were released directly from where it is being stationed in Huangpu Shipyard in China. This PMSA Biggest Maritime Patrol Vessel is part of the six MPVs that Pakistan will be receiving. Two of them are 1,500 tons while the other four are 600 tons.

The 1,500-ton MPVs are being constructed with help of Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works (KSEW). The Keel laying ceremony of the ship was held in January.

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According to the KSEW, the 1,500 ton MPV is 95 meters long and will be powered by two engines that can achieve a maximum speed of 26 knots. The ship is big enough to hold a light or medium utility helicopter on its flight deck.

1500 ton MPVs will operate independently or as part of a composite force in coastal and deep sea regions.

Both 600 ton and 1,500 ton MPVs will be used for different roles including Maritime Security Operations, patrolling, surveillance of EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone), intelligence gathering, policing operations against asymmetric threats, pollution control and disaster relief.

Until now, the PMSA has received three out of the four 600 ton MPVs – namely the PMSS Hingol, PMSS Basol and PMSS Darya-e-Dasht. In January, the former two have been deployed in Gwadar.

KSEW has been working on the fourth Hingool-class MPV since May 2016, which is said to be 68 metres in length and will sport a top speed of 27 knots.

Other than these MPVs, PMSA’s offshore patrol fleet consists of four Barkat-class Offshore Patrol Vehicles (OPVs).

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