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Swedish Trucks Heavy Vehicles Scania with Dewan Yousaf Companies to Start Operations in Pakistan

Swedish Trucks Heavy Vehicles Scania

Swedish Trucks Heavy Vehicles Scania Update: Swedish truck maker, Scania, is interested in entering the Pakistani market.

Encouraged by Pakistan’s investment potential and the rapid growth of the heavy vehicle market, Swedish Trucks Heavy Vehicles Scania will bring in their series of premium trucks, truck-tractors, buses and coaches.

They have partnered with a local distributor for this purpose. Swedish Trucks Heavy Vehicles Scania is also looking into the possibility of setting up a manufacturing plant in Pakistan.

Yousaf Dewan Companies have struck a deal with the Swedish Trucks Heavy Vehicles Scania for exclusive distribution rights. The deal was signed in a meeting between Scania Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing Christian Levin and Yousaf Dewan Companies Chairman Dewan Muhammad Yousuf Farooqui.

Pakistan, The “Preferred Investment Destination”

Mr. Levin said:

“We are delighted to introduce our quality trucks and buses in Pakistan. Pakistan is quickly emerging as a preferred investment destination in the world; the automotive industry, in particular, sees a lot of investment potential in the wake of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).”

He added:

“Scania’s entry into the Pakistani truck market will help increase the competition which ultimately benefits the consumers. It will also help create employment and business opportunities for the local workforce.”

Currently, the company plans to introduce its heavy duty vehicles including premium trucks, truck-tractors, buses and coaches in Pakistan. Scania has signed the distribution agreement with Dewan Companies, awarding them exclusive distribution rights for introducing the company’s products in the local market.

It also plans to later explore the potential and feasibility of setting up their manufacturing plant in the country.

Owing to the investment friendly auto policies, Pakistan will soon see major developments in this sector. Many foreign companies including the Volkswagon, Renault, Hyundai, KIA etc are establishing their manufacturing facilities in Pakistan.

Recently, SHACMAN Trucks also entered the Pakistani market, whose products will be distributed by Premval (Pvt) Ltd. Also, MAN SE, a German truck maker owing to the increased demand for heavy duty vehicles under CPEC, will establish a manufacturing plant in Pakistan.

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About Yousaf Dewan Companies

Yousaf Dewan Companies has partnered with the likes of BMW and Mitsubishi as well and is one of the major distributors of the two companies in Pakistan.

Via: Developing Pakistan, More News, ProPakistani

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