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Tabdeeli-Gunah Sin Tax to Impose on Tobacco Smokers in Pakistan

Tabdeeli-Gunah Sin Tax
Tabdeeli-Gunah Sin Tax

Tabdeeli-Gunah Sin Tax Update:

The government of Pakistan has taken a ‘revolutionary’ step to discourage smoking in the country. Tabdeeli-Gunah Sin Tax.

Therefore, for this purpose federal government decides to levy a special tax on smokers, which will be called ‘Sin Tax’ or Gunah Tax.

Federal Minister on Tabdeeli-Gunah Sin Tax

Most importantly, Federal Minister for National Health Services Aamer Mehmood Kiani briefs about this bill. Tabdeeli-Gunah Sin Tax.

He told that government is ending a sin tax or Gunah Tax bill in the National Assembly.

Therefore, with this bill taxes will impose on cigarettes and tobacco products.

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Besides that Mr. Kiani adds that the accumulate tax would be spent on the on the youth including their human development and education.

Because, sin Gunah tax is an internationally recognize term and is specifically impose on certain goods deem harmful to society like tobacco.

Tobacco and Health Issues

Most importantly, tobacco is the single largest cause of preventable illness and death.

In Pakistan, it causes some 108,800 fatalities every year, i.e. 298 per day. Tabdeeli-Gunah Sin Tax.

About NHS Ministry Report

Besides that, The NHS Ministry report emphasizes that the consumption of tobacco will continually increase the country’s health care expenses.

Therefore, it is imposing huge costs in terms of human resource.

The reports say that with the levy of ‘sin tax’ Gunah Tax, cigarettes prices will go up further in the country.

Most importantly, the Ministry is considering to impose levy ranging from Rs. 5 to 15 on a cigarette packet.

The tax under the specific head is expect to generate billions of rupees annually. Tabdeeli-Gunah Sin Tax.

Therefore, the total cigarette consumption in the country is estimate to be worth over Rs. 4 billion.

Pakistan and Sin Tax

Besides that, Pakistan will be the second country to impose a sin tax Gunah Tax on cigarettes after the Philippines.

Therefore, increasing taxes on tobacco products is one of the most effective ways of cutting down consumption.

Most importantly, Pakistan witness an unfortunate series of events in the form of resistance from the powerful tobacco industry.

Because these industries has always vehemently lobby against the tobacco law introduction and implementation in the country.

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