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Khushkhabri-Fifty Percent Discount On Railway Fares During Eid Ul Fitr 2019

Khushkhabri-Fifty Percent Discount Update: The federal minister of Railways, Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed announce a big news regarding to Eid-Ul-Fitr...

Busting-PSL 4 Broadcast Streaming Rights Won by Blitz and Techfront

Busting-PSL 4 Broadcast Streaming Update: All eyes in the cricketing world will turn towards the PSL in February 2019.

Lean-PSL 4 Schedule 2019 Announced By Pakistan Cricket Board

Lean-PSL 4 Schedule Update: The countdown to the start of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2019 has officially begun.

Excogitation-Cinepax 4DX Cinemas To introduce in Pakistan

Excogitation-Cinepax 4DX Cinemas Update: Cinepax along with CJ 4DPLEX announced to bring 4DX Theaters to Pakistan.

Telenor Carrier Aggregation LTE 4.5G Technology Launched in Pakistan

Telenor Carrier Aggregation LTE  Update: Yet another industry-first for Telenor Pakistan as it launches cutting-edge 4.5G Technology.

Fantabulous-Careem Wedding Buggy Rides Service Starts in Pakistani Punjab

Fantabulous-Careem Wedding Buggy Update: After cars, bikes and even boats, the ride-hailing service Careem is now offering buggy Rides...

PM Tabdeeli-Panah Gah Shelter Home Project Madina-e-Sani Welfare State Program For...

PM Tabdeeli-Panah Gah Shelter Home Update: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday the 10th November 2018, said that his government is soon going to launch...

CPEC Passenger Pak-Cheen Dosti Bus Service With Brassy Fair

CPEC Passenger Pak-Cheen Dosti Bus Service Update: A Coach Service for the China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC) was officially launch on Saturday the 28th October 2018. Besides that,...

Premier RoboCow virtuous Milk ATM Machine Introduced in Lahore

Premier RoboCow virtuous Milk ATM Machine Update: Innovation and technology are taking Pakistan by a storm. With so many new startups popping up every day, a...

Vivo V11 V11Pro AI Snapdragon 660AIE Aesthetic Smartphone Launched in Pakistan

Vivo V11 V11Pro AI Snapdragon 660AIE Aesthetic Update: Vivo V11 & Vivo V11 pro Smartphone Launched in Pakistan at an event in PC Lahore. This new...

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