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Tang Limopani Sunsip Fizzy Carbonated Drinks are Harmful for Your Children Warning Issued by PFA

Tang Limopani Sunsip Fizzy Carbonated Instant Drinks

Tang Limopani Sunsip Fizzy Carbonated Instant Drinks Update: Punjab Food Authority (PFA) is fairly active these days. Other than banning certain food items in school canteens, the authority is also campaigning actively against food items which either cause harm or do not contain any nutritional value, especially for children.

In its most recent public awareness message, PFA informs that a recent government survey shows that 44 percent children in Pakistan suffer from lack of proper nutrition. In its campaign to inform parents about adequate diet and healthy food items for kids, PFA said that Tang Limopani Sunsip Fizzy Carbonated Instant Drinks are bad for growing children.

PFA Director General Noorul Amin Mengal told The Express Tribune that:

“Instant carbonated drinks are not good for the physical and mental health of growing children. He said PFA would issue guidelines to food outlets not to provide underage kids with carbonated drinks”.

He stressed:

“We have to protect our future.”

The initial move to take Tang Limopani Sunsip Fizzy Carbonated Instant Drinks out of school cafeterias was aimed at addressing growth issues among kids. It was approved by the Punjab Food Authority board earlier this month, with implementation likely to begin after the summer holidays.

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Instant drinks are those which come in powdered form and are mixed with water. According to PFA, Tang, Mixer Star, Sunsip Limupani, Fruitly and any other similar drinks are completely artificial.

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Tang Limopani Sunsip Fizzy Carbonated Instant Drinks make use of artificial flavors and colors. One can only obtain calories from such food items as they lack “Original Fruit Content” and any other nutritional content.

The authority recommends that parents should avoid such drinks which have no nutritional value and instead choose fruit juices, flavored milk, milk shakes, etc. for better physical and mental health of their children.

Mengal confirmed the authority was considering banning the sale of carbonated beverages to anyone under 18 years of age, considering their adverse effects. As far as schools are concerned, the authority will replace soft drinks with healthier alternatives such as juices or flavoured milk.

According to the approved guidelines, food has been placed in three categories – red, yellow and green. The red category includes food and drinks that should not be available at school canteens, such as carbonated drinks, most canned items, and sweets, toffees, candies, and chocolate.

Food in the yellow category, according to the proposal, should be sold in small quantities and displayed less prominently. Such items include tea, coffee, packed fruit juices, biscuit, ice creams, naan, shawarma, paratha rolls, patties, nuggets, French fries, samosas, pizzas, and burgers.

The third or green category was food that is recommended. It includes seasonal fruits, fresh fruit juices, fruit chats, chana chats, pastas, sandwiches, rice, flavoured and plain milk, milkshakes, lassi, flavoured yoghurts, eggs, and nuts.

The DG stated that the PFA was working on awareness campaigns to promote lunch boxes among school-going children.

Via: Express Tribune, ProPakistani


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