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Wattie Smart Device Can Helps You To Control Your Electricity Bills-Mehran Post an Internet Magazine from Indus Valley Pakistan


Electricity and saving the electricity is the burning subject in Pakistan. Power generation and distributing companies are constantly reminding us to operate your AC at 26 degrees, but it is not enough.  But we don’t pay attention on those appliances which consumes standby power and those which are wasted energy origination.

Fictive Lab one of the Internet of Things (IoT) developed a smart energy device called Wattie which connects with your smart phone and this device informs you about that data of electricity consumption with no access losses. Wattie will also gives you the suggestions to save your electricity bills up to 25%.

Wattie installs in the electricity distribution box and must be connected to the Internet thru Wi-Fi. After connecting with Wi-Fi Wattie will measure the electric flow through the network in real time, receiving data after every five seconds.  This Wattie will record over half a million points on monthly basis and after that it will provide that data to the Wattie developers using cloud technology. The developers of Wattie will analyze all the data with the help of pattern recognition algorithms and provide logical insights of electricity consumption to the Wattie user.


Wattie Smart Phone Application

Wattie can be used with the user android smart phone, because its application is available on Google Play Store for android. This application is easy to use and this application will be enhanced quality wise when the final version of this app will out.


When you use Wattie application it will display a chart of real-time electricity consumption. To get the menu of the chart you have to swipe left on your smart phone or touch the three lines on the top-left, and from there you can go the other options of Wattie app.

Statistics options will give you the complete details of last 60 days of your daily units consumption. It will also gives you an accurate current distribution emerging out from a 3 phase panel box in real time.


Wattie App also provides a billing option. Just touch the “Present Bill” section and it will show the total electricity units you consumed in a month with charges including GST, E-Duty, NJ surcharge, PTV License Fee and FC surcharge.

Another advantageous option of Wattie app is “Projected Bill” which measures your current usage and predict your electricity bill for your whole month. You can set your monthly budget and unit limits and if your usage exceeds from the unit then this app will automatically notify you.

Price and Installation 

Wattie is available at a limited time price of 29,00 rupees. You have to pay a monthly subscription fee of 300 rupees. You can pay this monthly subscription fee on quarterly basis. But if you pre-order the Wattie smart device than developers waive off  the monthly subscription fee for two years. If you pre-order the Wattie smart device than the deliver date is set to the end of 2016.

The installation of Wattie smart device is very easy. This device is to be placed on the main electricity distribution box. Wattie smart device comes with a life time warranty and operates on single and 3 phase connections. Wattie is a standalone energy management system. After an Unboxing of Wattie you will find the instruction manual and according to the Fictive Labs, the whole process takes less than 10 minutes for setting up Wattie. But it is recommended to call the professional for installation of Wattie.

So hurry up and give the pre-order of Wattie smart device so you can save your electricity bills up to 25%




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