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Zhong Tong Navigator Elegance Coaches Launched in Pakistan an Azadi Gift by China

Zhong Tong Navigator Elegance Coaches

Zhong Tong Navigator Elegance Coaches Update: Dysin Automobiles Limited, one of the most rapidly growing automotive companies in Pakistan, has launched the Zhong Tong Navigator Elegance Coaches in a glittering ceremony held in Lahore.

Dysin Automobiles Limited is renowned for its value added services and successful representation of Sino Trucks in Pakistan.

The ceremony was attended by CEO Dysin Automobiles Imran Malik, COO Mir Asad Waseem, Director Sardar Jawaid Durrani, Head of Sales & Marketing Ahmed Sana Zaidi, Project Manager Rehan Raheem Bhatti, and Marketing Manager Muhammad Umar Irshad.

The Chief Guest was SardarQaiser Abbas Khan Magsi, Chairman Standing Committee Transport, Punjab.

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The Zhong Tong Bus has been tested extensively globally to conform to the benchmark of quality and performance of other such buses being used across the globe.

Dysin Automobiles has selected two variants, Elegance and Navigator, for the Pakistani market.

The Zhong Tong Navigator Elegance Coaches is a symbol of high quality, performance, style, elegance, comfort, and financial value for local business partners and also for the users. Integrated with craftsmanship of Chinese excellence and leverage of European technology, the bus is an ideal solution in every aspect with low cost of ownership. Dysin Automobile hopes that the product will prove to become an indispensable asset for transporters.

Zhong Tong Navigator Elegance Coaches is ranked in the top three best-selling buses manufactured in China, with more than 25,000 unit sales annually. The Zhong Tong Navigator Elegance Coaches is manufactured in a state-of-the-art assembling facility in Jinan, with Zhong Tong being a symbol of technology, performance, innovation, and economic value within China and overseas markets.

About Zhong Tong Navigator Coaches

Navigator series coach is specially designed for tourist and passenger transport.The zhongtong chassis makes the bus to be highly safe and reliable.

The bus’s skeleton is designed with CAD finite element analysis technique.Combined instrument panel of the bus is made to be easily maintained and repaired.The original model of 6129H has been put onto market for 5 years.

Zhong Tong Vehicle Body

1. Monocoque body construction: light weight, low consumption
2. Up to 51+1+1 high-class seats
3. Reliable sound damping and heat insulating devices are fitted in the engine compartment and rear axle compartment
4. The vehicle sides are zinc-coated panel using rolling and stretching technologies
5. Chassis and underframe use wax spraying and ingesting technologies, which enables them to be erosion resistant
6. Easily-opened front access door and well-arranged inside parts provide a convenient way to do the inspection or repair work
7. Electrical powered front visor can efficiently prevent violent sunshine
8. Aluminum-made entrance door and luggage compartment door reduces the vehicle deadweight

Zhong Tong Navigator Interior Trim

1. Fully closed luxurious luggage rack with roomy space and access door
2. Air outlets are helpful in refreshing and evenly distributing the interior air
3. Special air conditioner and video and audio equipment are fitted in the driver zone to offer more easeful driving environment.
4. Integral defroster duct has a better defrosting effect
5. The instrument console is of built-up construction, whose tumble panel design on the upper part gives the utmost consideration to maintainability and serviceability of the electrical parts inside.
6. Sink type washroom does save considerable interior space

Zhong Tong Navigator Chassis Layout

1. Solenoid clutch, the rotating speed of engine fan can be adjusted according to the temperature of engine and intercooler air pipe, thereby possibly reduces fuel consumption
2. Over 6 air bags do well enhance the roll stiffness and guarantee a stable turning
3. Front independent suspension system does ensure the front wheels have excellent ground grip performance and efficiently reduce the impact load from ground.
4. Use of disc brake offers a better heat fading performance
5. ABS/ASR control system helps improve safety
6. Engine collision avoidance system is fitted in the rear part
7. Self-extinguishing units are installed in the engine compartment
8. CAN bus dashboard is responsible for integral data display of the whole vehicle and engine, featuring high accuracy, reliability and utilization
9. Imported socket connectors and relays

About Zhong Tong Elegance Coaches

Zhong Tong Elegance coaches is a luxury bus series designed for passenger transport and tourism cooperatively by Zhongtong and internationally well-known design companies.

Zhongtong pays a lot of attention to travelling comfort. The design of 6107H coach shows the concept of humanity everywhere from driver cab to passenger seat.

Cruise buses look elegant and spacious. The operation system is rather reliable and safe. 6107H bus enjoys the advantages of ultra-low power consumption with a scientific matching.

Salient Features of Zhong Tong Elegance Coaches

Guys below are the sailent features of Zhong Tong Eelgance Coaches gifted by Chinese company Zhong Tong to Pakistan on 70th Independence Day:

Scientific Design and Low Energy Consumption

The whole bus is designed to be lightweight. An internationally advanced vehicle performance simulation system is employed to choose the appropriate engine, chassis and other accessories for the bus, ensuring superior performance and low energy consumption. The optimization of engine air intake and exhaust and fuel flow increasing technology contributes to reduce energy consumption and save cost. Temperature of the engine is controlled within an appropriate range with the constant temperature control system, significantly reducing wear and energy consumption. In addition, the ultra-large luggage compartment provides another profit space for passenger transport companies.

Humanized Design

The humanized design penetrates every details of our bus.

For example, the electric control rearview mirror can maximize the visual range of driver; the user-friendly driver cab equipped with delicately-arranged dashboard offers a wide view and convenient operation; the inclined vertical plate of step effectively increases the step space, making it more secure for passengers to go upward or downward.

The hinge access door installed at the front wall is convenient to be repaired and replaced; The silent air-conditioner and soundproof flooring ensures a quiet driving environment.

The optimized interior space will bring both drivers and passengers a comfortable driving experience.

Source: Auto Mark Magazine, Zhong Tong

Image Source: Zhong Tong, Developing Pakistan



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